Unicycle Hula

I’ve just been watching the BJC 2007 DVD and I spotted Beth not only attempting to do hula hoop on a unicycle (which I’ve done myself), but actually managing it for a short while (which I haven’t). Beth, you’re amazing.

WHOA, that would be sweeet to see and try. It would be like unicycle limbo, only better. :smiley:


ive hula’d on a uni
only for a little while though, its fun to ride with a hoop in one hand and jump through it, then maneuver it over your head and jump through it again like a skipping rope(hard to do with only one hand)

That must be 1 big hula hoop to jump through. :astonished:

Blimey Leo, you posted a link that works! Are you feeling OK?


Hula-hooping on unicycles was always a part of the shows we did when I was a part of the Redford Township Unicycle Club (1980-84). Usually the girls did it. Girls like the ones whose names are now Wendy Grzych, Carol Bricker and Teresa Abrahams.

Thats awesome. I actually never tried it.

This is off subject but I love the new design of your webpage leo.

Hey Danny,

A very short while indeed I think it was. The trouble is that if you get it for any longer than a couple of seconds then you seem to end up going in circles the opposite way to the hoop. I think maybe it would be easier with a circus idle, but I can’t really do that.

Try hula-snakeboarding, that’s far more satisfying. And I think it looks a bit less silly too.

Hula juggling is quite satisfying. That’s something I /can/ do.

uh, perhaps i gave the wrong image with my explanation.:o
its a normal size, you basically just jump the tyre through it, whilst holding onto it

There is a hula thing going on at the Stockton unicycle and juggling club at the moment… we have one and it is never left alone! Adam was doing it last week on a unicycle. He did look very odd though (I mean more than he does normally!). :slight_smile:


It is so kewl to have a part of unicycling’s ‘living history’ on this site.

No disrespect John, I mean that sincerely.

Yeah, that’s what she said…

Here is an act I did with some cool unicycle/hula hoop tricks

Nice. I’ve got the hang of hooping on a unicycle now, but I don’t think I’ve tried skipping with the hoop on the yike. I’ll have to give that a go some time.

Very impressive piece of performing mate.

Loved the way you skipped so nonchalantly into the hula at the beginning of the hula part.
That was very slick and made me smile.

Danny, did you see your avatar-trick’s been revisited?

Cool video! I hula + uni and hula + juggle but haven’t worked on hula + uni + juggle yet. The way you start looks like a great idea. A nice, big hoop always helps.


That was way cool indeed, kudos to you!

My first run at hula+uni+juggling. Of course it’s not on stage and I’m not encumbered with pants.