Unicycle Games

I am teaching several 7-10 year olds how to unicycle, and they are getting pretty good. Most can ride fairly well, but I’m looking for some fun games to keep them from being bored while some catch up to speed. I have follow-the-leader and Horse. Its too early for hockey, anyone have any ideas? Just simple games that can be entertaining for an hour or so.

stuck in the mud - 1 person on it, they tag people riding who have to get off and wait till 2 riders hold tehir hand at which point the tagged person is free and can ride again. we play this with a hat to identify the “it” when “it” gets tired they pass the hat to some one else.
Hockey- can be played from a pretty low skill level, 6 hockey sticks and you can play 3 on 3, just chasing about aftera ball will bring peoples rideing skill on . Or with just a stick or 2 try riding to a ball and taking a shot at “goal”.

Relay races are good , slalom races may be worth a try.

Chain tag- start with 2 people holding hands as " it" when They tag someone that person joins teh chain, either keep going till you have one huge chain or ( easier) split the chain into 2 x 2 every tiime it gets to 4 people.

Lots of traditional playground games can be adapted to play on unicycles.

There are a few games described here

possibly a bit too advanced in tehir raw form, but you can adapt. eg gladiators with no hamds, so just riding at at dodging each other.

catch, just tossing a ball around can be quite challenging when learning to ride.

Red Rover, Red Rover, send the geared coker over.


wow so many good ideas, I wasn’t really sure where to start, thanks guys!

You really should try hockey, it’s not very hard to do once you can ride and mount, and it builds skills really quickly.

One we did was to use clothespin attached to the back of the riders, and the goal was to grab as many as you could. Lots of variations possible around the theme.

And form of tag or chase games are quite fun. Hockey isn’t too bad as long as you set down no tripping rules. It is especially challenging for riders who can’t ride backwards if the ball goes into a corner though.

Basketball also works. Like most of the other games, it gives the riders something else to do while growing their riding skills. Of course with any of these games you can modify the rules to fit their levels of ability.

And don’t forget sumo! It works for any two riders as long as they are at similar skill levels. Similar weight also helps, but doesn’t matter as much as their riding abilities.

Oh, and before Maestro gets in here, I’ll add that there’s also the Search feature; a simple search on “unicycle games” should turn up a few more.

Basketball would be tough for 7-10 year olds, unless you’re playing with a smaller basketball and a shorter hoop. Hockey has a much lower skill barrier.

Add gladiator to that as well… it’s a lot more random than sumo and involves everyone at once. It’s also a lot harder to end up with one person who always wins, so it stays interesting for longer.

How about duck hunting? But maybe a shotgun blast would knock smaller riders clean off their unicycle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ironically this was the first game we tried, clay pigeon shooting. It wasn’t the kickback that was such an issue, but the children had a hard time with the firearms. It was neat to watch a small child over-taxed with a large shotgun pull the trigger with his tiny hands and watch the learning curve of learning to ride backwards decrease. We only killed on cat too, and by accident! :smiley:

With Basketball, just dribbling and passing (pass, bounce pass, over-the-head backwards pass, etc) can be a lot of fun. Use several basketballs and get the group to randomly circle around, dribbling and passing. It is lots of fun for a 15 -20 minute drill for beginners and builds skills quickly.

Unihoc sticks are good for small people starting to play hockey, and can be obtained reasonably cheaply:

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For some reason I’ve always wanted to try uni paintball… less dangerous than mixing shotguns and unis, but my guess is it would be tough to control a uni and shoot, especially when under fire.