Unicycle Event Photo Gallery Thread

Hey everyone, I finally got all my good NAUCC pictures up in an online gallery. Everyone else feel free to link to their galleries from NAUCC, Unicon or any other event.

Its got some fooling around at the skatepark, a little of the trials competition (I was in it so I didn’t get to take a ton) and some fun by the track as well as the gym. I got some good ones of the flaming puck hockey, that was probably the most fun to photograph.

That’s so awesome, they look amazing.

photos are super sick brian!

i love that the only photo you have of me at the trials comp is chillaxing in that one line :stuck_out_tongue:

i am seriously considering getting that flaming wheel picture tattooed on my body some where…

wow, amazing.

sweet pictures.:smiley:

Great photos. Flaming Puck is awesome.

I used to ride flat with starburys…But when I got my Vans, I decided the soles are wayyy to thin :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice pictures, what camera do you have? I think I’m gonna get a Nikon D40.

nice work man

Brian, you are amazing!

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the comments. If anyone ever has a uni event going on and they need a photographer, just help me out with traveling expenses and you’ve got your man!

Brian: You really know how to use light and how to compensate when there is too little.

Loved this photo set. Probably more captivating than 90% of the videos posted.

Thanks, that means a lot to me. The flaming puck was really difficult to photograph but thats definitely what made it fun and exciting. It was really dark (around midnight) with only a few dim streetlights and the light of the puck.

Some of the shots with the camera closer to the ground were really difficult and not quite what I wanted because the camera was too low to look through the viewfinder, not to mention that they were constantly rolling at and away from me. I had to judge the compositions by the angle of the lens barrel and my knowledge of its field of view. The Spencer and Sam flatland shots were a lot of fun to do for that reason.