unicycle documentary video???

when are we going to be able to see the uni documentary being made its supposed to be april 30th but i cant find it

Which one? There are a few in post production now and close to being finished, if not already. I think I’m in a couple of them so I’m also curious to see how they came out! It’s a weird feeling not having any editing input or even knowing what it will be like, but I suspect they will be very well done and professional looking. :smiley:

No clue. Sounds cool though.

it is the one codybee is doing

Don’t think so, and this is the first I’ve heard of him doing one. Should be a good one! The one’s I’m thinking of are a USC MUni documentary (They met with me over several days, shot lots of footage, did extensive interviews and I also gave then tons of raw footage I had) and Codybee was working on one too.

i meant codybee i editied my post