Unicycle documentary (no video)

I’m working on a documentary about unicycles. I want to put as many riders and styles of riding that I can in it. If you want to be in it send me a video of you doing your thing on the uni. Upload it to vimeo and send me the link so I can download it. Also include your name and location for the credits.

Remind me, and I’ll upload some muni in a few days (my wife has the laptop with the vids on it)

I hear you’ve got some good interviews at UDC on film. You’ve already got my video, but I can wait to see the finished product?

What is the purpose of the documentary?

I’m going to school for video production and you have to make a documentary your last semester. I thought what better thing to do it on than unicycles. So it’s going to be about the history of the unicycle, the different types of riding, and why people ride unicycles. Basically I want to show how much fun riding a unicycle is.

Yea I went down and interviewed all the great folks at udc. It was a lot of fun and I got some really good footage.

does it matter how good you are?

Nope all skill levels are welcome but I need the video by the first week of April. The documentary is due April 30.

I really suck at Muni but he filmed me. I think seeing a variety of skill levels will make unicycling more appealing to non-riders.

Since you’re sponsored by 661, I’m guessing you’re a pretty good rider.

Some of the kids at my school are learning to ride if you find you need someone else to talk to.