Unicycle Design/Creation competition. :D

Here’s my new thread.

My idea is a unicycle design competition.
People, design what you want the nextto be.

  • Unicycle
  • BC
  • UW
  • Half fork unicycle
  • Recumbent

If any of you guys/gals have an idea put it here. You can post your designs and explain your creations and discuss it with others.

SO ENJOY AND LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

1/2 fork unicycle is a retarded idea. you would have to totally redisgn the hub, and maybe the cranks to get it to work. the force of it on only one leg would make it so weak.
for the unicycle i have some cool ideas on new frame designs but i will post them when i make them. i have the materials so it should be in a week or 2

Are you aware that half forks are reasonably common in the bike world? Infact people will spend nearly an average month’s wage on one of these ‘retarded’ frames. Personally I can’t see the point, I would have thought that a single fork is a less efficient design so how every much weight you save by removing one fork, you have to add more than that to the other, but apparently I’m wrong. i think the trouble for adapting this to unicycles would be the way in which the hub attaches to the bearings, the axle cant be fixed as it is in bikes because the crank on the outside of the fork need to turn it, it would require some pretty special bearings but could be an amazing project.

I know that suspension frames are relatively pointless due to things like reducing seat height when compressed and other stuff like that, but has anyone ever thought to put two leftys into one frame? Since they’re designed to be stiff in the same way a unicycle frame would be required to be stiff, it seems like they might be just right for this application (and not twist like some suspension forks do under unicycle forces).

just a (expensive) thought.

Flyers idea

Sounds good to me. A one sided bike fork is a bit light for a big drop uni. Not that this is practical, yet the concept is good.
Strength is not such a problem with one sided forks as one might guess. One sided rear wheel swingarms have been popular on racing motorcycle for many years. It’s big advantage is to change wheels (new tire ) fast, by removing one nut, and leaving the brakes and chain in place.
My point being, this design can be light and strong.


the 48 " flat streets uni

The top of the fork crown would be a flat ribbon of steel, hugging the 48" TA style air tire.
The standard seatpost has been replaced by a strong fender, to keep your knees from bending the long spokes. The seat mounts directly on the fender, or on a riser bolted to the fender.
It may be impossible for most riders to mount without a wall, idle, or ride in traffic, hills etc.
I bet it could be sold for a profit, like a larger 36" , for 500 $ or so.
There is lot’s of riders like me who live in flat places that would love the greater hight, slower pedaling speed, and extra coolness factor. :sunglasses:

well…I have a really good design of a complete unicycle I am working on. I dont want to say just what it is because someone will steel the idea. I actually showed the idea to Kris Holm and we are working on a proto-type uni right now. Lemme just say it’s going to change unicycling.

Rule violation !

#<?& #!@ on you.
This thread is about pretending you are Kriss. Not saying you are pretending you are Kriss- associated miracle works inc.
You have to tell us an idea!

Fine here. :angry: What violation am i breaking exactly??

Besides i never said i was Kriss, i want to see what the next generation has to offer. I apologize in advance if i have offended Kriss or anyone else. This will never happen again. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Just want to let you know I was kidding. MUAHAHAHA!

Yeah, I meant Musketman

You have to design something to play !:slight_smile:

Which is why i have made this thread. So people can create their own…

  • Unicycle
  • BC
  • UW
  • Half fork unicycle
  • Recumbent

and post them. :smiley:

Well what a coincident???

my bro has just recently had this crazy idea of building his own custom unicycle… maybe it isn’t so crazy after all.

I saw a bike with a half fork the other day. I seriously couldn’t get the image of the bike RIDER having only one leg out of my mind. I don’t know why. I don’t equate normal forks with people’s legs. But for some reason, seeing this bike with only one fork side made me think that the guy only had one leg…it was quite odd and a little spooky. And prompted my wife, who have never known they existed before, to ask what it was to be called, then? A spoon, a knife? :slight_smile:

Other than that, i think they look really cool, and especially on motorcycles with single sided swing arms and what not. Though, I agree that I don’t see a point.

To the op, I would like some variety. Just some really far out designs for the frames and such, and a wider variety of saddle shapes and sizes. Some more colors. Just a general beefier, cooler, monsterER looking uni, but under the $500 price. Along the lines of another thread, if Kris Holm would think more like Pokémon, and have the “gotta catch 'em all” mentality, and changed his design every year. Not only would he PROBABLY make more money, it would definitely help the sport to stand out a little, and for people to have more originality in their products.

Also, I think that the seat post should be replaced with a hinged post, that is mounted fixed to the frame, and pivots up or down for height adjustment. Much like the look of the thud buster seat posts, except without the shock and with the ability to lock in a certain height…so nothing like it…but kinda like it…get it? :slight_smile:

I hoped that was the case, unlike the guy a year or so ago, that came on here and asked how to get in touch with SOMEONE so that he could get his design sold to them. And he wouldn’t explain it to us so as to not be copied or infringed…people are silly…quite stupid when you get right down to it.

and I know that comming from me, this has gotten quite old, but seriously, Hazmat need to learn to read.

:smiley: :smiley:

Yeah they really look bizzarre, I can remeber just staring at one on the trail, it just looked so wrong. I guess that’s how people feel when they see unicyclists.

Funnily enough i saw the exact bike that feel the light posted parked down the road the other day, I stopped to examin the way the thinner tube runs from the left hand side of the wheel across in front of it to hook up on the right side of the swing arm pivot, a really crazy design i’d not seen before. I can fully understand the single swing arm for motorbikes, but my car essentially has exactly the same in the rear and it requires some seriously heavy components to keep everything in line. Also there’s no redundancy, which has come back to bite the manafacturers in the ass, I just found this recall notice:

“Cannondale is voluntarily recalling 367 Carbon Lefty suspension forks. If you think you may have an affected fork, stop using it immediately! This bicycle fork can break, causing loss of control and possibly serious injury or death.”

I guess if one of two shocks breaks you can probably ride it out, but if a lefty gives way…

i want a frame with an integrated seat post clamp…
ive seen a road bike with one before, but i forgot the name of the company that makes it…

why integrate the post clamp?

What it you fall and bust the clamp ?

There was a MTB seatpost that did something like this, and was intended to allow a rider to go from a fully extended seatpost (for climbing) to a lowered height (for descents) by moving a thumb-activated lever mounted on the handlebar. It got decent reviews, but was considered a little too clunky and expensive to be all that practical for most riders.

Since most of my riding on my muni involves only two heights (one for normal riding, and a lowered position when we’re trying to do natural trials-type stuff, it’d be pretty convenient to have what you describe.