Unicycle Demos by Max

Trying to give back to the community for all those paint chips and scratched benches I’ve cause:

Kudos!!! :slight_smile:

Nice work. Hopefully this will start more unicyclists out there chipping the paint and scratching the benches. Then they’ll have to give back too.

Hey Max, literally so sick! You are representing unicycling is such an amazing and unique way. :slight_smile:

Question, i’m going to a preschool tomorrow to unicycle in front of the kids, any tips or suggestions on what to do or what works? Thanks.

-Kevin Kartchner

Great article, Max! Good work!

For a preschool show, remember these kids are so small they may not take anything seriously beyond the idea that they might want to ride a unicycle someday. All the world is cartoons to most of them. Be funny. Fall down. Don’t worry about impressing them with tricks, that probably won’t have much effect. Seriously, falling off will probably get your best audience reaction, so work it into your presentation!

Yes, I really do mean it. Based on much exerience (the vast majority of my performing has been for elementary school audiences). Here’s a joke from those days:

Q: How many kindergarteners/pre-Ks does it take to pick up one juggling ball (presumably that rolled off the front of the stage)?

A: All of them.

Don’t drop any juggling balls.