Unicycle.com shipping

I had a seat under warranty, and they said they would send me the part i needed, almost 2 weeks, ago, my dad is going to email them back, has anything like taking forever for them to ship it ever happen to you or wht?

I have ordered twice from UDC

The first time the order was shipped the day after my order which was how they advertise it on their site

The second time it ordered late at night on march 27th, hoping to get my order before good friday, in the comments/instructions i even requested to have it on or before the 5th (three days for them to get it to UPS then a week to ship). I got order confirmation on the next morning and I thought that everything was going smoothly. One week later i decided to check where the parcel was and realized that I had not received an e-mail with the shipment tracking from UPS. I e-mailed UDC that night asking about it and got a phone call the next morning asking what color saddle i wanted on the uni. If they had told me that something that i ordered was out of stock they should have e-mailed or called me but they said “We were just wondering what color you wanted your saddle.” That is not a reason to delay shipment, break the 48 hour shipping promise and ignore the request to have it shipped on time.[/RANT]

They did get moving after I contacted them about it but if they say that they will ship within 48 hours they should ship within 48 hours.


I’ve ordered from them 2 times.

Both times it was shipped the next day and arrived within a week.

I’ve ordered from them 3 times and got the same results as Matt_V

I’ve ordered from them once and it took 3 weeks to get my unicycle assembled and shipped from Marietta, GA to where I live in Hobe Sound, FL - granted, the Hoppley was powdercoated blue and the wheel was handbuilt by Kovachi, I just don’t see it taking 21 days to get everything together. I haven’t been entirely happy with UDC’s services, but when one of my crank bolts came out while I was riding (and I lost it), they sent me a replacement set for free (a $5+s&h value for free). So that was cool…

UDC orders always been real fast for me. They shipped my unicycle the day after i ordered and i didnt even order in the morning i did it at like 3pm…

must be a mistake or they forgot about you or sommit

I ordered my Nimbus 24 muni after their cutoff date for Christmas delivery, and even mentioned in the comments field that is was a present for me, not to give to someone. They went out of their way on delivery, and I had it 2 days before Christmas.

I’ve aslo ordered parts and accessories about 4 times, and each time they came within the timeframe I expected.

General rule on any ordering is to followup whenver you feel uncomfortable with the latest status. I do have a pair of pedal protectors on backorder, and if I really needed them sooner, I would change the order to a color in stock.

i orderd a cranks set on easter and got it 2 days later. so i love UDC shipping, anything ive ever ordered has come fast.

Score! they came today!
He gave me a kool prototype seat, and a normal seat it is sooo kool!
Ill have to send some pics of it, the prototype is like 2/5ths the thinkness of a normal seat, so i dont know if it will last very long, but it is sooo kool still.
He rocks man lol makes up for the shipping taking a while!

Pictures, pictures! I want to see this ‘prototype’!

Actually it is just as thick as a normal seat!
Kris Holme ROCKS!!!
This is sooo sweet one of a kind, ill get pics up later tonight after i start riding the other one, ill use the prototype later it is longer than a normal seat, but has the koolest weight to it feels almost unreal.

img 160-166 are the seat, then the seat part without the cover, the one with the cover is the prototype.

He even signed it and sent me a letter about it, man he is kool.

Is it really Kris Holm’s signature or is it the logo thats stamped on everything?
It looks like a street seat without a fusion cover (better I think). It looks cool.

Who did you get a letter from with the seat? Kris? I don’t see why Kris would give you a free prototype seat just because UDC took too long to ship your seat, they aren’t related. Am I missing something?

look at the underside of the seat, that little circle thing between the bolts, i can sort of make out a “kris” so i guess that’s where kh signed it.

Oh ok, I didn’t notice because its out of focus.

Yea, look at the other pictures, i got a picture of where he signed it.

You’re in the UK, so your shipping experience will be completely different, you’re effectively ordering from a completely different company, in a country that you can drive across in a day, not a couple of weeks like in the US. My experience of UDC UK has been the same time and time again, order it at maybe 3pm one evening, get it the next morning.

They have been gd for me (uk) comiing within a week

i really trust in udc. never bought from another store

they always send to me in brazil and it takes one week to arrive
the only problem is the shipping price and duties and taxes and blablabla

an update to my little rant on page 1

The unicycle arrived with missing petals and I was also missing a crank tool I ordered. I phoned them and e-mailed them about this and they phoned me back today. They are sending the rest of my stuff to my parents place as I am now officially homeless for the summer :).

It is really nice that they will phone you back when you have a complaint.