Unicycle Clubs

I was wondering if anybody knew of any unicycle clubs around mid-west Ohio or Indiana. Thanks!

Wood One Wheelers is a 4H unicycle club in Bowling Green. They hosted our nationals in 2005 (and several times before that). In the past, there were more “known” unicycle clubs in Ohio than possibly any other state. Known to the Unicycling Society of America, that is. Not sure if that’s true today though. They don’t seem to have a web site. Not sure if it’s kosher to spell out an email address here, so if you want, send me an email (address below) and I’ll shoot you the email of Jan Layne, who has been operating unicycle clubs since the 70s. She should know where a club near you is, if any.


I know this is kind of late to be picking up this thread but I had to tell this story, Coincident?

I had been looking for a unicycle club near me so I decided to post a thread and see if anybody knew of any. As you can see I got one answer, and I did Email him and get the Email address…but alas, it was out of date, and so I gave up hope. Now Every year in June there is this Celebration, type thing called Poultry Days, Ultimate Frisbee teams come and play from all over the country. There are also lots of other things that go on, mainly all to raise money for the leukemia fund. Any Way, there is always a parade, and every year in the parade are some unicyclists, and this year I decided to go talk to them and find out were they were from. So at the end of the parade I went up to them asked were they were from, Turns out they are all about two hours from me, but their leader gave me her card and Email address, and as I was walking away I looked down at the card, and who’s name and Email Address should be on the card…Jan Layne’s!

You decide, Coincident? or soemthing else?

I’m gonna have to say that something else was david blaine.