Unicycle Club Names

I did a search, but didn’t find what I wanted. If someone who knows could post a link, that would help.

To get his creative juices flowing, in order to assist Billham in naming his new club so that, as Gild put it, he would have something to print on his Tshirts, we could make a list of club names (real or imaginary, I suppose)

A couple of real ones:
-Memphis Unicycle Club (MUC). Memphis, TN. “Come out and Play in the MUC”
-Plateau Unicycle Club (PUC). Crossville, TN.

A real one - with 28 members

Wshat kind of name should it be?
Does it have to say the place of the club, and what kind of club?
Or is it just anything? :smiley:

Some info in the thread Unicycling Affiliations List.

My favorite club name is for the New York Unicycle Club

Billham’s sig says “Washington, PA”. Clearly not THE Washington or the OTHER Washington where I live, so “Washington Unicycle Club” doesn’t help a lot.

Do you have a street, district, or local history that you could draw off of?

I was trying to start a unicycle club a while ago, but no one wanted to. So I gave up. But the potential name for it was
Unicyclists of

I knew I’d seen it in here somewhere. Thanks UniBrier.

Panther Pride Unicycle Team

The team is an after school program at North Bend Elementary School in North Bend, Washington. The school’s mascot is a panther. The school’s drawing of their mascot is a real looking black panther. The team’s drawing of their mascot is a pink panther riding a unicycle while juggling.

In some ways I like the idea of a name that identifies the area, like Twin Cities Uni Club, Memphis Uni Club or the New York Uni Club. Each of the three mentined here have a fairly unique location that comes to mind when you hear it. One of the problems with using the name Washington is that it has too many possible meanings, Wash DC, Wash state, etc. some people in the region call our city Little Washington because of our closeness to Wash DC.

But I also like a name that is freestanding like the Panther Pride Uni Team or SWAT. Nice thing about a non-area related name is that you have total freedom in choosing a name and in choosing a mascot if desired. I do feel it’s important to have a mention of unicycling or one wheeling in the name to identify the uniqueness of the club activity.

I also like the nicknames for the riders of the clubs, like MUCsters or Unatics. But to me, this would be a low priority in choosing a name.

I’d love to see some non-area related name ideas.

Thanks for starting this thread Tom!


here at iowa state university we call our club ISUUC. Iowa State University Unicycle Club. (get it? it says I suck. hehe)

Long Island Unicyclists
Gold Country Unicyclists

Named after the places. Gold country was more accurate than Sacramento because we met pretty far away from downtown, and more toward the middle of Northern California’s gold country.

Sometimes the place name doesn’t work.
Sacramento Unicycle Club = SUC
Folsom Unicycle Club = … you get the idea

If I ever do a Sacramento club our name might be US, the Unicyclists of Sacramento.

Depending what you do with your club, you should make sure your name doesn’t work against you. If you intend to get hired for parades or shows, make sure the word “unicycle” appears in the name. The place name is less important, but is good if you are representing a geographic area.

Another local club here is Troopizi. With that name alone, nobody knows either where it is, or what it is. But if used out of context I think John Hooten calls it the Troopizi Unicycle Club, or Troopizi Unicycle Hockey Team, etc.

Troopizi comes from signing up for hockey at the 2001 NUC under the name “Troop 121” (the boy scout troop John Hooten coached). Somebody read it as “troopizi” and they liked the sound of it.


Subset of the Seattle area riding club.

Hey everybody,

It seems too simple not to have been used…

1-ders …? I noticed that there was a German web graphics site with the name, but it might have a different use in that language. I did a hack-job of an avatar that I will update if this is

a) already some club’s name
b) universally disliked
c) some other reason that I’ve overlooked


i just want to say that an awesome club name would be like:

Unicycle Police District

Unicycle Police Department

Unicycle Protection Department

because if you did those then you could be the UPD’s…lol