Unicycle Class @ Seattle Central Community College

I am very fortunate to live in an area where unicycling is as close to mainstream as anywhere. With 24 hour notice it’s common to get a group together to ride. Now Seattle Central Community College is becoming the first college I’ve known to offer a unicycling class.

Details are below. Nick Harden of SANCA will be teaching the class. He’s approached unicycling from the circus sphere. You can see his website here: www.aunicyclebuiltfortwo.com

The description from the course catalog is here:

The class poster is attached:

Thanks for posting this! I might consider doing this to get more advice on areas that I’m struggling in. Free mounting for one…

Nick Harden may be coming from the world of circus/acro, but the course description seems to be all about functional unicycling. Once one learns the basics, one is free to branch off in any or all directions. How cool to have such a class available! It is indeed a rare offering for adults.

It’s a beautiful poster too. I want a print!

I don’t have the URL for this graphic but I have a larger/better version. If you are truly interested let me know and I’ll send it to you.

WOW…dude is awesome. She’s really really good too. Thanks for sharing as the video is a huge motivator for me to improve.

Hello everyone,

I’m new to this forum and unicycling. I bought my first unicycle last week and noticed this post over the weekend while looking for tips and videos online. Thanks for posting it. I signed up today!

So far I’m at 5 - 7 pedals before UPD. Only have about three hours total practice.


I am interested. Its really nicely done. I have a wall in my living room dedicated to unicycling posters…

Welcome! There are lots of riders in the Seattle area and several clubs as well. If you are near North Bend let me know and I’ll hook you up with our club that starts again in October.

In the mean time please join our Meetup group called SAURS (Seattle Area Unicycle Riders). There is a gathering nearly every Wednesday for general instruction and such at 6:30pm at Gasworks Park. New riders are definately welcome!

I did a demo at Seattle Central last Thursday for the class and it went very well. The school president rides but I didn’t have a chance to meet him. I hear Nick (the instructor) is doing another demo tomorrow (Friday) but I don’t have the details. You might want to call the school if you want to see it.

Let me get a hold of the authors, maybe they will allow release of the larger graphic. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks Kenny for the info. I’ll try to make it to the next SAUR meet up. It’s not far from my house. Good to know beginners are welcome.

Hopefully more students will sign up for the class. I suspect that I’m the only one so far.

Yea!!! I think some one else signed up for this class.

Starts next week.

Hope the teacher can help me learn to free mount.