Unicycle/bicycle performance video clip

Is this by any chance from a unicycle convention?

not necesseraly, but because the bicycle is fixed wheel it shares many more things in common with unicycling than a regular bicycle.

Dr Bobo

Who is this Dr Bobo of which you speak? I went to school with a Larry Bobo who went on to get a Phd I think in Ill. Courious if it is the same guy.

I think this is the third time this video has been posted to RSU. It must really be making the rounds.

If you know some german, or can get a translator,

Dr. Bobo is actually Blake who posts as Podzol on the forums. She is a university professor in Pennsylvania.

video is cool. I hate how ebaum’s world takes stuff that has been uploaded everywhere else, and puts it on their site with a little watermark. grr.