Unicycle Art

Wasn’t sure if there was already a thread for this but would be a nice thread to include. I’ll start, I saw this sweet unicyclist-in-motion image pop up while reading Gizmodo today.

Check out this “Blurred Sculpture” by Korean artist Duck-Bong Kang:



This is just pure awesomeness! :smiley:

the uni is obviously a Pichler …

2011-07-14 17.25.01.jpg

unicycle art

saw this at the Uptown art fair in minneapolis, mn


This beautiful sculpture is called “Balance”, and was made in 2003 by the norwegian sculptor Kåre Groven. I accidently came across it in a Google image search, and had to go on an 40 minutes bus ride to see it live in the university where it is placed.

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Ever walk into an art gallery to find yourself in an oil painting? A few days ago I was shopping groceries when someone told me I should go check out the nearby art gallery and that there was a painting of me. And I found this:

The painter also posted it on instagram:


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This might be a depiction of me, but it actually looks a bit more like a friend of mine who also rides in the area. It could also be a composite of three people, possibly not including me, or maybe it has nothing much to do with any of us, and is just what an artist dreamed up on the spot after being hired by a landlord to soften the blows of gentrification and perhaps raise real estate values in a more roundabout way. (A former student of mine told me that his friend was often hired by landlords to paint “graffiti” on their buildings in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to give the impression that artists still live there, even though in reality they were priced out many years ago. This mechanism for producing graffiti might be unique to Williamsburg, I don’t know, and my neighborhood was never very artsy even back when it was affordable, but public art is so rare around here that I can’t help wondering.)

I came across this piece for sale. The add says: Exiting statue from Montenegro called “The Antagonist”. The artist Rajko Susic has used an old unicycle as a base to comment on the human race uncertian platform (or something like that). The statue is 1.5 meters high. There is no price on the item.

First Contact

Here is my submission, just completed this weekend. I call it “First Contact”, and it is pen and ink with colored pencil. The original measures about 7" x 10".

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