Unicon XVI countdown!!!

Looks like like they may have to reschedule the London Olympics.:smiley:


Studying and being poor is going to suck… I hope I can make it…

Sounds great!
I especially like how there will be special emphasis on MUni as thats my main style :smiley:

Haha I’d prefer to go to UNICON XVI :sunglasses:

I hope I can go. It would take me forever to save :frowning:

Well looks like its time for me to start saving too.
I definitly want to be there.

moving out of home next year. plus i plan on going to all or most of the aussie events between now and then. so unless i get insanely good really quickly (lol i wish) and someone sponsors me for the flights (lol i wish) then i doubt i will make it :frowning:


Dirty needlez!!!

dirty needlez!!

Is it me or does this seem a bit off subject?

edit: I mean honestly, we have unicon to discuss.

dude… obviously you missed out… DIRTY NEEDLEZ!!! is all about UNICON

dirty needlez IS unicon!

if u werent staying in our room or if u didnt ride with our group or party with us etc. then u just wouldnt understand. u had to b there

I really wish i hadnt missed it. I wasnt in my room, but I was still here in the states :frowning:
Looks like im never gonna be able to fit in at Unicon now… What a Lamo

Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettyyy Goooooooooood !! :smiley:

920 full days
921 rounding up
Which are we using?

What da HEEEEEeeell?!?!

Just wondering if anyone knew anything about the next Uninats?

When its on, Where it is held or anything like that?


i heard itll probably b in tasmania later this year. if u send lots and lots of emails to the australian unicycle society (aus) then maybe they will let u know

I thought it was every 2 years and there wouldnt be one till 2011

well i heard its changing to once a year plus im hoping they r changing it to once a year cause once every 2 years just isnt enuf.