Unicon XVI countdown!!!

Only about two and a half years to go!!
I can taste it.

They decide on Italy or South Korea yet? Or somewhere else?

It’s in Italy.

Yeah! I might go then.

I attended a presentation yesterday (at Unicon15) by the organisers of Unicon16. It’s gonna be in Brixen (Bressanone), North Italy. Start date probably 20-7-2012, until about end of July. They expect between 1500 and 2500 competitors! There will be special emphasis on MUni, as the city of Brixen is surrounded by the awesome Southern Alps.

Wow, Italy that is going to be awsome. :slight_smile:

I better start saving now. :roll_eyes:

I think I’ll get a spare time job, so I can be there. :):stuck_out_tongue:

Total cost for the trip: ~2000$/2500$.[B]

Total funds:[/B] 4.37$

Money needed: ~1995.63$/2495.63$

:astonished: I’m starting to save now… my mother said she wanted to visit Italy :roll_eyes: And my father told me, if I got most of the money, they(my parents) would pay the rest:)

If it starts on 20/07/2012, there’s 913 days to go:D

Cool to know Jacob! Are you coming at this week-end’s ride? It starts on the 21st.

I wont come to the ride, it’s 2 hours from here, so I wont be comming to often:( It costs alot for my father because he has to pay for the gas and then we have to lunch… I’ll tell you if I go back again in Montreal this winter:)

i’ll go for sur it’s not that far for me :stuck_out_tongue: haha

Wow, Unicon XVI is perfect timing for me! My friend and I having been roughly planning out a European backpacking/hostelling trip during after our first year of university, and we’d be in Europe at this time! (seems like so far away!)

I’m seriously considering going!:smiley:

Yes! You should definitely go. I will probably be there, my parents promised I could go to the next one. :slight_smile:

I wrote the wrong date on my iPod, there’s 926 days before UNICON XVI:p

Here it says UNICON starts the 21st of July. So 924 (it is Friday there already) days!
This is probably the longest unicycle countdown for an event (with a known start date).

I’m not even sure those dates are set in stone yet. I here that it conflicts with the London Olympics.

yeah this will be my first unicon :smiley:
at this time i´ll probably have my own car so i can go there on my own =)

Who care about the London Olympics if Unicon is at the same time :roll_eyes:

Just kidding by the way…

I hope to be there representing for the first time Portugal! :smiley: