Unicon Trial Comp

I’m just wondering how the trial comp will work at unicon in NZ.

roughly how many lines will there b? 30-40 or 40-50?

will we b going by the IUF rules or will it just b everyone gets as many attempts as they want on each line and u only hav to do it once?

will it b held on grass or on concrete?

last time there were ±80 line I think… (saw it in a vid… i think:p)

Usualy there are like 50-70 lines (last time 59 if I remember right) I dont like it when they are over 60 because you usualy have only 2 hours and that means you have 2minutes per line, thats not much because most of the time you have to stand in a row before you can try. Sure they will use the IUF rules it is the unicon from the IUF… but the IUF rules say that you have as many attempts as you want.

HOLY SHIT!! at the aussie championships we usually hav 30-35 lines!

and no trial comps go for 3 hours, this one included.

as for the rules i only just decided to double check them then and i found in the title that its the rules for the 10th unicon trial comp. the rules now days r probably (and hopefully) different and probably just havnt been updated. this is quite probable cause the rest of the site is completely out of date too (high jump world record: 58cm lol)

i might try getting into contact with Ken and ask him how he thinks it should work.

http://iufinc.org/files/IUF_Rules_2008_english.pdf you can read the current newest rule version here.

I’m not sure but If I remember well last unicon we had 52!.. Me and Mirethu got tied with 38 I think… I must check that!

ah perfect. thanks lutz! thats cleared basically up all my questions and they look like good rules too… apart from the rule where u dont hav to b in control wen leaving the line. that sounds dodgey to me

I am pretty sure that it where 59 (we made a few more lines short before the competition started). I had 49 if I remeber right Fabian had 51 and Joe and Maxim 52.

I think thats a realy good rule, if you fall over the finish line I woudnt count a line as landet. But you can go in the next rulebook and help us to increase the quality of the rules if you want to help.

For years we have dealt with a similar problem for unicycle racing. You have to ride all the way across the finish line, even though the clock stops when the front of your wheel crosses the line. We choose to require this so people don’t always crash and pile up at the finish, and to make unicycling look more controlled. But in any case, there has to be a point of definition, of what’s a good finish and what isn’t. For Trials they chose to keep it simple, so far, with the current rule, quoted below:3. Exiting the section. A rider exits a section when their axle(s) fully cross over the finish line, or are within a defined
finish area (such as a taped circle on top of a boulder). There is no requirement to exit in control. If a rider falls across the
defined finish line but manages to exit without dabbing, they have cleaned the section.
The easiest way to address this, without having to wait for or go through the rule-change process, is to move the exit line a bit further at the end of each section. :slight_smile:

IMHO, since Trials involves lots and lots of dismounts as part of the process, and is not done at high speeds, having dismounts at the end is not such a big deal compared to racing.

this may b hard to understand but just use ur imagination and think of someone jumping off a high obstacle (on their uni then coming off in mid-air) and (while still holding the saddle with their hand) getting their uni to touch the ground before their feet do. they didnt dab until their uni crossed the end of the line even tho they werent even on the uni. sounds incredibly stupid but according to the rule, that is allowable.

ok just found a problem with the unicon program. y is the trial comp on at 5pm til 9pm?? odd time for a trial comp isnt it?

www.uniconxv.co.nz/programme/ (5th January)