Unicon 2020 (XX)

So I registered for Unicon last week! This will be my first Unicon.

Who’s going?

I’ll of course be doing the Muni Downhill, XC and uphill. If the schedule is right, then I will probably miss the Muni cyclocross as I fly to Oregon for my summer vacation on the day it is planned.

I’ll probably also do the 10k road, maybe the marathon road, and unicycle hockey… and thinking about unicycle basketball and maybe something in track…

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Sorry I will miss this, even the trip to Oregon. I would love to do both! :slight_smile:

I can’t really commit yet, since I don’t know my schedule for next semester at university, but this year, I’ll do anything to try and make it happen. My exams have a tendency to be precisely during Unicons and other big unicycle events, but I think if I play the “going as an athlete to a world championship”- card, I can probably find a way.

Would be my third Unicon, and I’ll probably be doing all the Muni stuff, plus trials, highjump, longjump and coasting. Guess I’ll have to bring all 3 of my unicycles then, or borrow a freestyle. Life was easier when I was only an urban rider…

A couple years ago I had a lab midterm on the Friday that CMW started on. I went to the lab coordinator to see if I could write at an alternate time and found out that he was a mountain unicyclist himself and had ridden in Moab. I got to write the midterm with an alternate lab group and go to California.

Exams can be re-schedualed, just make sure the prof is aware early, and they are more likely to be flexible if you have decent marks when you ask.

+1 here, decided to get my registration in yesterday before the prices go up later this month. I put myself down for all the muni events, but can anyone offer any guidance on the different classes?

For example, I am definately not an elite DH rider, but do the beginners ride the same course, or is there a toned down version? In the XC I plumped for intermediate as I am not in it to win it but that is what most of my riding consists of. Again, is that a shorter/easier course or just a staggered start to keep the fun runners out of the way of the pros?

And, of course, extra credit if the prof is a unicyclist! :astonished:

As for Unicon 2020, wouldn’t miss it (duh)! My wife is also looking forward to the accompanying opportunity to explore a little bit more of Europe. We still don’t know where we will go from there; there’s cool stuff in every direction!

For MuniEmu: About different classes for Muni races: Usually there are three (or less). For Elite, for the most part you will know if you’re qualified. You are extremely fit, and have no fear. Of anything. For the Beginner, think of it as an introductory-level race; almost always on a much shorter, much easier course. And then there’s the rest of us. In my case, I try to survive the “Normal” course and ride across the finish line not last. :slight_smile:

No guarantees though; Muni courses for huge numbers of people are hard to come by, so compromises are often necessary. It is what it is, but everybody in your class rides on the same course, so it’s still a proper competition whether it be too easy or too hard.

What I especially look forward to, for a Unicon in a mountainous area, is the possibility of non-competitive group rides on scenic mountain trails. Still looking for something to top that ride we did out of Grindelwald (Switzerland) during Unicon XIII…

Usually, it’s both shorter and less technical for beginners/intermediate for both DH and XC. As John said, it’s not always possible for the organizers to get the courses perfect, but I think Grenoble should provide enough mountains :slight_smile:

I am working on that : a muni ride from the Chamrousse ski station down to Grenoble (and the finish line being in front of a beer bar :p)
The only problem is to rent a bus to take everybody up (including significant others who will like to do it on rented bikes) I need to talk to people in Grenoble about that.
I would like to create two different groups: the “hares” (going down from the top of the ski resort) and the “turtles” (going at a more sedate pace)
I also need to ask someone on the trail to provide fresh water to drink (the ride is about 25km)

Nice! I think we’d need a few options, though. For me, 25km on pavement, ok! 25km muni… not so much…

oh c’mon: it’s going down on easy trails! And originaly this ride was designed for the “Old Geezers On One Wheel” :smiley:

approximate path of the proposed ride:

part 1:

for the “hares” add a ride down from the top of Chamrousse

part 2:

If you say it’s all downhill… awesome. :slight_smile:

Thanks finnspin and John, based on that I have probably pitched my entries about right. Whatever happens I’m sure it wìll be a blast!

Glad it’s going to be a Unicycle Convention and not a Unicycle Competition!

That sounds FANTASTIC!! For a ride like that, it shouldn’t be hard to find a large group of riders that could pay for a bus (I think; know knowledge of doing this in France). This is based on a small number of mountain bike shuttles I’ve used.

The idea of two separate groups is a good one; if a shorter version of the ride is possible, that would definitely attract more riders. All could share equally in the cost of the shuttle. :slight_smile:

Just make sure you have a brake (or teenage knees)! Though longer means less steep. A famous ride in my area is the Downieville Downhill, which goes down about 1220 meters in about 25.5 km. Oh. that’s the distance Bear is proposing… No shortcut option on Downieville.

Yup, that’s where the name UNICON comes from. It’s just hard to do a lot of CONvention stuff with so many competitions, even workshops are difficult to schedule and locate for best attendance…

Registered! And still haven’t confirmed my vacations with work. This is how much Unicon is a priority to me :smiley:

To anyone who hasn’t been to a Unicon yet, it is insane. I wouldn’t miss unicon for anything. And Grenoble is an amazing place, and the french unicyclists are amazing, they will do a very excellent job at organizing I’m sure!

The dates are getting closer! Propose something please John and @wobbling_bear.

Can you propose some dates?

yes: it should be on aug1 (except in case of stormy weather)
we are trying to design something with Maksym and Pierrox.
It will be from the Chamrousse ski resort to Grenoble.
now which trail is still to decide: Maksym has found one (I can send the GPX trace) and with Pierrox we have been trying to find another … but it’s still undecided (should be for intermediate skills but we are still wondering which is best in terms of length)…we will probably explore again during the first week of unicon (and then advices will be welcomed: Maksym wants the end to be near the swimming pool and I prefer a beer bar :smile:)

Sounds great! Only concern for me is Track day; I like the IUF Slalom and would enter a few of the Track races. But I’m not going to win (maybe if there is a 60-up category) so I’ll have to decide which direction to go that day. :slight_smile:

I hope that it won’t be during the marathon awards, I might have to stay around there (hopefully).