Unicon 2006- info online

I took a look at the website for Unicon 2006 today. There is a lot more info on there in English than when I looked last month. Worth checking out if your even a little bit interested in unicycle competitions in Europe next year.


It looks like there is also info in German and Danish with French coming soon but I didn;t check those out. In english there is a provisional timetable, info on facilities, some accomadation and travel info and age group info. Also a load of pictures of facilities and halls.
Thank you Unicon organisers for being so organised so soon.


Hey, Im doing a school project on the evlution of unicycling… so I was wondering did unicon 1 have trials in it? and when was the first unicycle created ? I kno this is out of the thread but w/e

Unicon I (which was called “International Unicycling Convention”) had no Trials. Nobody would think of unicycle trials for over ten years. It was all track racing, Freestyle, and basketball. There was no Standard Skill (there might have been a compulsory artistic event) and nothing on dirt. All competition events were held indoors and the convention was three days long.

The first “competitive” Trials-ish event was held at the 1998 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend. It was very basic; a challenging ride down a bumpy rock beach to Jenkinson Lake, then back up to the starting point, with points off for dismounts. http://www.unicycling.com/muni/muni98/compete.htm

The first “real” uni Trials competition I’m aware of was at the 1999 USA Convention in Washington. I had the honor of coming in second to Kris Holm (it’s been downhill for me ever since).

Side note: The first Street competition I know anything about was held last year at the 2004 CA MUni Weekend at Lloyd Johnson’s house. I heard about a similar event held earlier in Conneticut, but I don’t know anything about that one.

For your other question: Unicycles initially weren’t “created.” They probably started out as penny-farthings with the back wheel up in the air, and were followed by penny-farthings with the frame and rear wheel removed. Only after that did people probably start custom-making actual unicycles with seats instead of handlebars.

According to JeanPaul Jenack and/or old issues of the USA Newsletter (Bill Jenack), the first commercially available unicycles were made in the 1940s by Nissen, a company that I believe still makes gymnastic equipment like balance beams and parallel bars.

Now to read up on Unicon 13! We’ve got a trip to Europe to plan!

UNICON is something everyone can attend and is the perfect excuse to take a trip to Europe!

The latest I’ve heard is that registration and more information than what is already available on the website will be lauched on November 15th or soon after.

UNICON is more than just competitons, it’s a gathering of unicyclists from all over the world, people that share the same passion. There are going to be events planned that cover every aspect of the sport from freestyle, racing, muni, trials, long distance and more.

I hope to see you all there!

Since I’m from Sweden and Switzerland is pretty close… i really have to go there!

Looking forward to it!

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On Thu, 3 Nov 2005 14:08:06 -0600, lleberg wrote:

>Since I’m from Sweden and Switzerland is pretty close… i really have to
>go there!

Indeed, Sweden and Switzerland are right next to each other… in the

I’m planning to go too.

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lord willing ill be there. it should be fun. me and nmy brother are going together.

How exactly do you get in to the events for UNICON, i understand the standard is pretty high, do you have to be referred, tested or qualify somehow? I’d love to do the Muni but somehow I don’t think I’ll be allowed.

The primary qualification is done by the thickness of your wallet. You must be able to afford the cost of getting to Switzerland and staying there for eleven days :slight_smile:

We based our budget on the guess that we will be having around 800 unicyclists from all over the world in Switzerland next summer. Although the available lodging is quite a bit larger.

If we get too many registrations we might start thinking about limiting the number of people for certain events. If we limit the number, we will distribute competition places on a first come first serve base. So it is certainly a good idea to register early for UNICON XIII.

Registration is now planned to open up mid of December.

Best wishes,
Franz Brandl — Webmaster www.unicon13.ch/


What you do to get into the events is to register. As far as I am aware, selection is not based on nationality, gender, race, creed or skill-level. If you want to enter, then enter.

Long may UNICON uphold the olympic ideal that gave us Eddie The Eagle and Eric The Eel !! :smiley:


New rules for Freestyle limit the number of entrants in the Jr. Expert and Expert categories for those events only. These rules have not yet been accepted by the Unicon 13 organizers, so it is not yet known if they will be used. But you will know if you’re really good at Freestyle or not, and if not you don’t have to worry. As mentioned above, unless huge numbers of people register to participate, there are no minimum requirements for the other events, and they are open to all. Just register early.

So I would list the requirements, in no order, something like this:

  • Read: The web site and IUF Rulebook will answer most of your questions
  • Save up: It’s a big convention so you’ll want to stay for all or most of it
  • Register: The organizers need your data, and your payment, to set things up!
  • Practice: This is optional, but you get a lot more out of it if you train
  • Prepare: It’s more fun if you bring everything you need
    • Prepare for an onslaught of T-shirts: We unicyclists are nuts
      about T-shirts. Be prepared to buy, sell and/or trade them!
  • Show up
  • Remember where you are: It’s not the Olympics. The budget is small,
    and everything is run by volunteers. You can help!
  • Interact, have fun, and learn: It’s the best unicycling school and
    motivator in the world!

How much does it cost to be at unicon?
Except for the trip there and back again of course…

Is food and shelter for night included in that? :slight_smile:

READ the unicon website

get the information direct from the organisers.


Latest News --> Invitation Packet

Alegra, buon giorno, gruezi, bonjour [the 4 ways to say good day in Switzerland]

here are some news for you concerning the upcoming UNICON XIII in Switzerland.

We have put together an invitation packet containing several short documents that cover the most important facts about the 13th unicycle world championships.

You find this information at http://www.unicon13.ch/invitation-packet/

Please share this information about UNICON XIII with unicyclists in your area.

Best wishes,
Franz Brandl

— Member of the organizing commitee of UNICON XIII and
— Webmaster http://www.unicon13.ch/

And are you allowed to use guni’s in the marathon? Because then I’ll deffinatly need 1mm cranks for my coker :expressionless: Anyone have a clue?

GUnis are allowed in the Unlimited category of both the 10km and the marathon (42.195km).


Then again, cokers arn’t allowed in the limited category, are they? I think I read the max is 24" there?

That’s correct, Cokers are only allowed in the Unlimited category, which means that Coker riders and GUni riders will compete with each other.

If the races were on a decent, flat road with no bumps, I would probably bet my money on the GUni riders. But neither the 10km nor the marathon will be run in such an artifical environment. So expect some hills and country roads and then it is not as simple as GUni good — Coker bad.


Re: Unicon 2006- info online

On Tue, 15 Nov 2005 12:28:03 -0600, bbraf wrote:

>expect some
>hills and country roads

Like DustinMichels I’m too laze to look it up on the website. :slight_smile: Are
the itineraries for the 10 km and the marathon already published?
Since I am not determined enough to reconnaitre (SP) them beforehand,
a height profile on the website would be nice. Most modern GSP units
can make one for you while you drive or ride the route.

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We’re sortof in the same boat … you are to lazy too look it up and me, I am too lazy to publish it on our websites :stuck_out_tongue:

No, just kidding. At the time being we are busily collecting all the final details to switch on online registration by mid of december. Expect to see details about routes etc. no earlier than April 2006. There are too many other issues that need our attention beforehand. We’re only a very small team setting up UNICON XIII.

Best wishes,