build a 29" uni, but with a rear bicycle hub. have long cranks on it, and weld a small matal tube that can catch the frame when stop pedalling. you ride up a hil very easily because on the uni you will have long cranks. you reach the top of the hill, and go to sif, but drop the seat as if you were going into seat push. the tube on the crank will catch the seat, and then you will be able to descend the hill by “BCing” because the hub will coast. you then switch back to normal riding and go up the next hill ect.

would it worK?

Somone made something similar to this, except with a 20" wheel and a tricycle hub (a regular bicycle hub can only freewheel, so you wouldn’t be able to pedal).

There’s a video (maybe two) of him riding it. I remember the unicycle being bright green, and the rider being heavier-set. It looked like it would be a lot of fun, but I don’t know how good of an idea it would be to use a 29" wheel.

the seat drag idea could end up painfull if it caught on somthing

I meant tricycle hub;) :slight_smile:

I was thinking of 29" because it would be for speed. a 20" would be easier to manage though. maybe 26" or 28" would be a better idea.

I just realised you wouldn’t be able to pedal with the metal thing on the crank, so add a hinge to that so it folds out of the way when your normal riding.

it would be more a coasting seat drop because of the thing on the crank.

You don’t really need to drop the seat out, do you? One of Spencer’s videos shows him riding a BC uni (although I seem to remember him not liking it much), and TWNR has a clip of a guy riding a uni with a coaster hub in it. So it should be possible to just stay on the seat. Another advantage of this is that it’s easy to put in an extra pedal if you overbalance.

Also, how about a brake? If you mount it on the seatpost somewhere you could hold it (SIF-style) as you coast downhill, but have a little extra control.

good idea. add a brake. spencer had said that the uni BC was harder than a normal BC, but I bet it’s not too hard. he mainly didn’t like it becuase then he couldn’t BC or Uni.

howabout a 24" with a hookworm. I htink it would be awesome(if a little expensive.

On a BC you balance by moving your hips mostly and when you have a seat in between your legs then it restricts your movement. With a seat it is impossible to crouch down to get your balance back unless the seat is really low.

Completely crazy :slight_smile:

Have you seen TWNR? The guy riding the coaster basically pedals up to speed (on a slight downhill), then coasts (mostly) by balancing BC-style - at high speed. The neat thing is, he can always pedal 1 rev or so, if he accidentally overbalances forwards. If you had a brake, you could use it to compensate for overbalancing backwards.

Starting to sound like it’d require a lot of co-ordination though!

I want to try it out though:)

what wheelsize does everyone think would work best?

thaths juth thupid.

how is it thupid? it’s a practical way to get around. if it works.

No its not. A car is.

Also, next time, provide a drawing or picture of an idea, dont give a poor discription.

served in the face:(

why do you sound meaner on the internet than at Soencer’s house Evan?

Why do you sound the same in person as on these fourms?


But really, draw up a picture and a better discription of what you mean.

i understood what he was trying to describe.