Uniball instead of Rollerball

Many of you probably saw the movie Rollerball with James Caan, or the crappy remake with LL Cool J. I always thought the sport portrayed in the movie was kind of lame on rollerskates/rollerblades, but would be really cool on 36” wheel unicycles :astonished: … minus the motorcycle. Of course, I’d like to have the shoot that the ball has to be dropped into in order to score located on top of a 12 – 15f ft (skatepark style) straight ramp… just within arms reach from the top of the ramp :smiley: ! One rider on a Schlumpf geared 36er per team would also be nice so that the ball could be passed to the Shlumpf rider who could carry it the requisite three laps (before you’re allowed to attempt to score) in blazing time, adding an exhilarating speed element to the sport :astonished: . The sport should be hosted on an Indian casino or somewhere we can allow people to bet, like Jai Alai! Internet-based simulcasts and betting would take it worldwide :sunglasses: !

i’d play.

if the cokers are supplied im in!

Great Movie

Great Idea!


i’m in too. I just need a coker or a schlumpf.

Sounds good.

I’ll watch and bid.


I actually have a copy of a script for a movie based on the Rollerball concept. It was written by a guy in NYC but I’d have to dig it out to remember who. Was it Wayne Pounds? I’m not sure.

The original Rollerball movie was built on the popularity of Roller Derby. For those unfamiliar with that televised sport, it was kind of like WWF on roller skates. Lots of B.S. fighting while pretending to race around a little track.

This doesn’t really explain how a 1990s remake could still be popular. :roll_eyes:

On a unicycle, how do you get towed by a motorcycle? Got to have those motorcycles for speed, noise and potential explosions! :slight_smile:

It sounds like fun (to watch, not to play). But I’d be much more interested in unicycle games that are easier to set up and play, like good-ol Sumo. Maybe you could come up with a unicycle-based football-type game? Or to keep it real simple, variations on the basic game of Tag can be really fun as well.

I’ll put $20 on Team Truckee. Those guys haul a** up hills, I’d imagine they’d toast anyone on flat ground. What’s the spread?

thank you!:smiley:

I’d gladly play, as long as it’s a full-contact game.

Nothing is better than beating the snot and knocking the teef out of fellow uni riders.

The Koxx-One guys get towed by cars… Could take instruction from some of their videos :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m fairly sure that you could do the same with motorcycles - Note: I’m not suggesting you should though)

To be clear, Rollerball wasn’t about the game or the skating (or even about James Caan, although he’d argue that). It was all about that flame gun that could nuke a tree half a mile across an open field. One of those and a Coker, and your urban transportation problems are solved. :slight_smile:

men Im in… I love owning noobs…

Sure there is, beating the snot and knoking the teeth out of b*ke riders!

Seems Roller Derby is experiencing a revival out West (Link and Link). They even have webites: http://www.ratcityrollergirls.com/ and http://www.derbyliberationfront.com/ .

There is an indoor derby track is in Seattle, perhaps we can put something together with the SARS.


I guess you missed the part of my original post that stated: “…but would be really cool on 36” wheel unicycles :astonished: … minus the motorcycle.” The geared Coker takes care of the speed… and I think seeing a bunch of madmen flying around a track (regular Cokers are pretty fast, too) and up a 15 foot wall to score will be a good substitute for noise and potential explosions… especially considering that there’s bound to be plenty of hairy wipe-outs! I think it could make for a really great extreme spectator sport… and it seems like there would be plenty of volunteers as far as players. If you license the sport to some major casino in Vegas (which are always looking for new and exciting forms of entertainment) and willing to pay BIG $$$, then you could afford to pay the player 6 figure salaries – especially if the casino is generating even more money from accepting bets on the game! Anyway, on unicycles the game would involve skill and strategy to a much greater extent than the original concept on rollerskates or rollerblades… and would be much cooler!

On the East Coast, too. There’s an all-female Roller Derby in New York called Gotham Girls Roller Derby (http://www.gothamgirlsrollerderby.com)

If you put something together with SARS, you may force me to move to Seattle… or recruit enough riders to NYC to set up a New York team! I envision the riders down under could put a team together… and the Aussies would probably go nuts for it! Germany and the UK, too! Maybe even South Africa! A truly international sport… that would be nice!

While I fear Hardcore Coker rider finding me a traitor and him not offering me any of his favourite alcoholic treats when I see him in a few weeks, I believe 29r’s would make a better ‘horse’ in this sport…

They would be much more nimble and as such be able to keep the momentum of the game going.

PS…I will be in Seattle in March :slight_smile:

Well… my favorite watering hole does have the freshest pints of Guinness anywhere on the island of Manhattan, State of New York, and perhaps anywhere in the country… stored in a separate cold room at precisely the right temperature, apart from all the other brews, and selling so many pints so as to ensure the freshest supply… plus the owners is an absolute Guinness fanatic who cleans the lines constantly. Oh, back to uniball and unicycles… the 29er more nimble than the Coker… I beg to differ! The Coker is as nimble as can be… my latest move on my Coker is a pirouette - which I never was able to do on a smaller wheel uni. The Coker is incredibly nimble and maneuverable… especially with the lightweight Airfoil rim. You can dive the Coker into a turn, nearly hit your foot against the ground, and then straighten it up as soon as you come out of the turn… how much more nimble do you need? Plus the Coker is faster, higher up, and more visually impressive - making for a more entertaining sport for the crowd! Are you ready to reconsider… those pints are awfully tasty!