Uniball instead of Rollerball

I agree. Andrew is 100% correct in everything he says. He is really a king among men and I think that every sole should do what ever Andrew tells them to do. Because of Andrew, I will keep my coker :wink:

(although I just might have to get a 29r to kick his ass at roller-uni!)

nah… 24" would own haha

Nothing like a coker

Unless your riding in the hills of Santa Barbara, a Coker is all you need.


Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Now the only question is: Should it be a contact sport (you can lean into an opponent using your shoulders, but no grabbing or use of elbows) or should it be more based on riding skill utilizing an easily fabricated piece of auxiliary equipment (see attached horribly drawn diagram) that you could attach to the uni? Using a basket conected to a piece of flexible tube (or whatever), the rider would be required to place the ball into the basket within 5 - 10 seconds of receiving it and then it would be up to the rider’s speed and maneuvering ability (as well as the level of protection he receives from his teammates) to keep the ball safely away from opponents who want to gain possession of it. The ball could only be retrieved from the basket by the rider when he is in scoring distance of the shoot, which would be marked on the course (and is attempting to score). The tube holding the basket is flexible so that the rider can grab it and bend it in order to place the ball into it and it clamps onto the seat post. So what do you think… greater skill and strategy using baskets… or more brute force and spills without them?


Thanks, Adam. So how many Coker riders from the NY/NJ/CT (maybe even PA) area do you think we can get to meet and practice once or twice a month for an exhibition team? I figure 5 riders per team should work pretty well. Ultimately, we’ll want each team to have a geared Coker as well, but we can definitely start out without the geared Coker for now. If we can’t get 10 commited rider, we’ll have enough for two teams. If we can’t get 10 riders, we can always start with smaller teams.

Maybe we’ll inspire the Seattle riders to form a team, as has been mentioned. Then Uniball, will be an East Coast and West Coast phenomenom… and will make for a nice competition!

Let me know what you think…