UNI StickerVan is now for sale...


take it on your next uni road trip…or just turn it into a trials obstacle in your yard…this is the ultimate way to show your neighbors and friends what you’re all about! only $650us


Wow! That’s pretty impressive. It must have taken some serious time to get all those babies on there just right.

Did UDC charge you for all those stickers or did they give them free in exchange for the advertisment?

It’s pretty inexpensive too…heck, most people here have spent way more than $650 on their unicycles.

Yes indeed that is impressive. Does the van still drive, and also how much would shipping cost? How big would the box be? I am not willing to buy this, but I am very impressed. Yes how long did it take?

that is a beast its the coolest thing i have seen

wow…that’s impressive.
good luck finding someone to buy it (:

i’ll take the Bedford model.

How much for the steering wheel?

Thats awesome:D its too far away though…it would probably cost more for me to get it here than to buy it :roll_eyes:


-I first stickered the van 18 months ago with Twin Cities Festival stickers…about 750 to cover the whole thing. Took 10 hours.
-After the TCF UDC donated stickers. I used about 650 UDC stickers for the front, sides and back. This took about 12 hours. The UDC stickers were smaller than the TCF stickers, some of which remain on the roof.
-I’ve had the UDC stickers on for almost a year now and they’ve seen 20-25,000 miles of use across North America.
-The van still drives but I acquired a much larger van recently.
-The sticker van will hold (with a bench removed):
12 unicycles, two step boxes, a set of stairs, three 8ftx6in ramps, a sound system, three prop cases, and a 16ft backdrop.

I’ve had quite a few replies from interested local parties this weekend. I think it could be sold by day’s end.

You covered up my signature?

ill pay for the licence plate

THats the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Why are you selling it? HOW could you sell it?

If you were in NC I’d buy it

would you be willing to drive it to my house?

lamest. bump. ever.

hang onto that beast for like 5 years and ill take it off your hands.