Uni spin on a giraffe?

Has anybody ever done one?

yea… the 180 unispin for sure…
but the 360 i dont know


I think I’ve seen 360s before, at Unicon or NAUCC. Can’t remember who.

I am pretty sure I saw a 360 unispin in a video of a stage performance. If I remember right, it was one guy on a bike and one guy on a unicycle performing different things.

I did it with one hand, upside-down, backwards, over a pit of rabid sea creatures, and on fire!

But, other than that, no.

Cody does 180s on his giraffe (that used to be mine). He said he was going to try a 360 soon. He and Evan are coming over to my house this weekend and cody said he wants to try to grind a handrail on the giraffe.

That’s pretty impressive, when you say rabid sea creatures. Did that include a crocodile, electric eels, lion and piranhas but also including a drop of human blood to really make it go off. :wink: :wink: My friend just ordered a custom crab giraffe unicycle. Can’t wait till it comes in. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That. and more.
Remember that crazy shark-eel thing in japan. It didn’t die because it got transported. It died because i unispinned (unispun?) over it.

Oh okay, i knew it couldn’t be the transporting :smiley: :smiley:

yeah, the feds were lying to us all along…

hahaha are you copying the simpsons when bart wants to be a daredevil?

watch the koxx one video, trip to denmark. paul mattes or something like that i think his mame is does a 180 unispin on his giraffe.

See The Swedish Cycle Act video that’s in my Monster gallery (scroll down to about the middle of the page).

I’m almost certain I’ve seen Dustin Kelm do a 360 unispin on a 6 foot giraffe. I know he does 180s.

OMG i’ve been lookin for that video for a long time. ive seen it a few times before but forgot where it was. its fantastic i love it.

edit: after watching it just now, he does a 360 on his giraffe.

that biker is sooooo good,
and the unicycler is good to but that biker was just mental

I’ve done a 180, it’s easier that on a regular uni because you only need to hop. You don’t need to flare your feet out to get by the tire, you just let the frame spin in between your feet. I will video it when we loose some snow and it gets above -15c. 360 would be a little harder because the uni would move a bit from the spin I think but I am sure it’s possible.

From memory Bill Gilbertson also does a giraffe 180 unispin on the One Wheel No Limit vid (filmed way back in 99).