Uni sighting

In the latest “Adventure Cyclist” magazine (the magazine of the Adventure
Cycling Association, formerly and preferably known as Bikecentennial),
there’s an article on cycling in Chicago, and the full-page lead photo
features a tall guy on what looks like a stock Coker. There’s no caption
and the rider is not mentioned in the story (or at least isn’t identified
as a unicyclist); any idea who this might be?

Unfortunately the photo doesn’t appear to be available online. It is
credited to David Nevala.

Rip Van Winkle of a thread wandering back into town after months of sleeping unanswered in the woods…

I saw this magazine tonight at my local gym…it’s great to see someone tooling around a Coker in a biking magazine, but it was frustrating that there was no credit on who the rider was.

Reviving thread: anyone seen this article and know who the Unknown Cokeuer is?

What does the rider look like?

Please scan and post the photo. The only Chicago area Coker rider I know of is Charles Danyer who moved to Seattle more than a year ago. He sold his Coker and MUni and now does bike trials. We miss having him in our MUni group but his spirit lives on with us in that Tom Jackson is the one who bought his KH. Therefore, his unicycle still goes on rides with us. I don’t remember where his Coker ended up.

Edit: Oh, I see the original post is from March of this year.

Sorry…might be headed for the dead-thread bin again. Iffn I had the scanner technology and owned the copy of the magazine in question, it would be scanned and posted. But alas.

The guy looks kinda tall, kinda thin, glasses, and a yellow shirt. That’s all the info you’re going to squeeze outta me!

Okay, so it sounds like it’s not Frank Birdsall. He was a likely candidate I was thinking of, though I haven’t seen him in years…

One of three things is going to happen here:

“Name of the Unicyclist”

“Don’t know the name of the Unicyclist”

“Leave me the hell alone, I have important work to do”

So glad I don’t work for artists any more. Just have to live with one.

You can find the picture here. I would have linked to it but its all in flash.


where on the site? ‘proof’, ‘portraits’, or ‘perspective’?


you have to click on the first one then scroll through a few.

Love me some screenshot

Wow that was a faster response than I expected! Anyone know the name?



on tuesday night i was in Philidlephia. i was there for work shooting a job in a park in south phillie at night. it must have been 8pm whrn someone rode past me on a coker (i think?) with a spare tire slung over thier shoulder. i would have stopped to say high but i had talent and clients there… i really wish i had brought my uni with me on this work trip.

who was this?