uni-one teaser out now!

hello, here’s our first trailer to our video that will be finshed next winter…

this is the result of 6 mounth of riding. Enjoy!



Quite a slow DL don’t ya think…

it’s depends what you got for internet connection, or does it ?


it’s kinda big…

hmm, if your trailer is 23 MB, then I can’t imagine what the real movie will be…

like 600 or something… we will compress it down to 50 or something.

what did everybody think of it ?


The preview was pretty good. I was DLing on a Cable connection easily cappable of 800kb per second…

I like the snow and craziness of it. If you can, post multiple ersions of the final product, Like a 600mb and a 50mb and a 10. I love watching High quality video.

Thanks mate :smiley:

Yeah i will do that, high quality is the best i hate crapy digtialcamera footage :stuck_out_tongue:

Peace, Simon

the quality wasn;t that great for me…and it took like 15-25 mins (i wasn’t paying attention to time) on my dsl connection



took the time of my kettle to boil and the toaster to pop out my toast, i came back it was downloaded already.
i too like better quality files… this on the other hand is extrmely large for the length of the video.

If andrew carter’s videos were this large you would see his hairs splitting on the screen when he’s riding those skinnies.

i do however lookforward to seeing more fun in the snow… i envy you having that much snow to play uni in!.

okey hehe, cool…

yeah i know it became some problem when i maked the movie.

haha okey :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah good, look out for it then… fun and fun ? it depends what you’re riding. Street is hard to ride becouse it’s ice and snow. I really don’t like riding in snow. Yeah if you’re training on handis then snow could be good. I see no other thing that snow could be good to.


i hate to say it but other than being in the snow, it wasn’t anything new or impressive. snow riding is awesome. also, it might just have been me, but it was pretty dark for about half the scenes.

yeah but we have only been riding for 6 month.

Yeah little dark maybe. Set fullscreen then you maybe can see better…

this also me, http://www.sykoproductions.com/gallery/photo/photoofweek2?full=1

and we will hopefully put up a new teaser in the spring, then we have probalby become much better. Maybe little more impressive clips.


:angry: bad markf if dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all…lol hahahahaha I crack myself up :stuck_out_tongue:

but back on to topic it looks pretty good to me good job:D

Hey, it’s Sweden in the winter time. Daylight hours are very few! But yes, it was pretty dark. I don’t know what you can do to help the night scenes, unless you bring some of your own lighting. You might be able to brighten them up with some software?

Snow can be fun. You might as well enjoy it if you’re surrounded by it, no? It can make grinding easier, by putting a bunch of water on your grinding surfaces.

I would like to see some scenes of riding in fresh snow, like how deep can you go and still ride? Also sliding and skidding on slippery snow or ice.

Yes, the filesize was very large for the length of video time. But this does get you a better picture. However I couldn’t play it on Windows Media Player (highest version I can get is 9.0 on Windows 2000). All I get is sound and no picture. I had to use DivX to watch it. If you can encode for older versions of WMP it would help.

i can watch it in a very old windows media player


Yeah, the sun goes up at 11 and goes down at 3, it’s hard.
Sorry if some clips are dark and if the filesize was too big. I’m going to try to change the size but the dark scene, sorry can’t do something about it. Okey, we will put up some more later in the high season of winter. But does anyone got some tip about slippy pedals? the pedals can get very slippy this time of the year…


What program are you using to edit it? In most editing programs, there’s an option to brighten the clip. That would probably help quite a lot.

I use adobe premier, i think it can brighten it up, but i don’t know how.