Uni newbie with question @ used Loyd for $50? Good deal?

Hi all. Im totally new to unicycles. Actually, have not even bought or ridden one yet.
But suddenly find myself interested in riding uni. So have been looking for used ones to start out on as I cant afford to spend much money on one now, especially as Ive yet to experientially discover if ill like it enough to really use it much.

So I put a posting online looking to buy a used one.
This woman responded offering to sell her old Loyd unicycle for $50 to me.

I’d like to know if this sounds like a good deal for what it is?

Below is what she says about her uni for sale. -

“It is made by Loyd–an older brand, not like the Torker or newer ones you probably know of. Solid frame/pedals/and wheel with bolted on everything. It is a street unicycle and can be used for tricks because the seat post is a bolt–I found that when bouncing on a unicyle the quick release seats can come loose–annoying!!”

Pics of the unicycle -

I high suggest not buying that unicycle. Nothing about it is good. That seat will be painful. The crank arms are cottered which means they are very weak and since they are a very outdated technology they are near impossible to upgrade at this point if they break. The rim will be weak and the frame isn’t well suited to any sort of freestyle trick.

What I suggest is saving up a bit more and getting this: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1198 which is an amazing unicycle for the money and will make the whole experience much much more pleasant for you. Not to mention that it comes in some pretty cool colors.

I would not pay more than 15 dollars for that Loyd unicycle.

Agree Completely.
That thing needs its Tetnus Shots.
I would go with the one above or a jugglebug…those are always fun.:slight_smile:

Yeah, don’t buy that… my friend has an old one like that, and really, its unrideable… (w00t retrocycle)Try looking @ craigslist. I got a torker lx (good enough for learning and freestyle) for $75. If there aren’t any on craigslist now, just wait a few days and check again.

if u wanted to learn to ride (whereeveru live) try to find a club people there will be a great deal of help and will get u started and on your way

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A Loyd unicycle is worth more than $15 as a collectible, but I wouldn’t want to ride it much. Unfortunately that one isn’t all original, it has had the seat replaced. The replacement was a big improvement when it was new, but now it’s beat up and still a very outdated (and not very comfortable or durable) model by today’s standards.

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The woman selling it called back pretty quick, I went and bought it already.
Well, its only $50 so hopefully it will at least be worthwhile as a first unicycle to begin learning very basic things like how to stay on the thing?
I was just playing with it a little in my kitchen, holding onto something while mounting and just getting a feel for being on it, doing a halfpedal back and forth while recognizing that it will indeed take some practice just to be able to stay upright on it for one rotation of pedals even.

At least it has a wheel, pedals rotate the wheel, and seat has not collapsed. Its not horribly uncomfortable. Not going to try hopping on it though.

well, good luck with it though, although i feel like i’d somehow get raped by that seat. Happy cruising