Uni Jousting @ NJ State Fair 7/31,8/01 2009

so, i first heard about this a few months ago, but now it’s up on BikeReg, so it’s pretty official.

there will be cyclocross racing (which i will also be participating in) and bike trials competitions. the unicycle jousting will be in the “intermissions” between races and trials comps.

should be a ton of fun. who wants to knock me down?

Me, but I live too far away. Sounds like a blast! I wonder what always seems to make people think of jousting on unicycles? I’m sure the audience there would like to watch some good Sumo as well!

What! I started unicycle jousting 2 years ago, and just thought it was one of them games every one plays… When I played it, I got the handle of a broom/brush, put a pillow on the end which was held on with lots and lots of ductape. If I can find some pics I will upload them on here

Uni jousting in Portland is HUGE FUN!

At the Multnomah County Bike Fair this last summer. . . . and I gotta say that the big sparkley championship uni-jousting cahmpionship belt sure feels gooooooood.
I think its the third year with unicycle jousting. See the short video by the Oregonian:


Sparkley championship belt? Cool. It’s a more common game than I thought! Thanks for posting that clip for a visual sample. I guess I was right about the Sumo though, it seems to be a logical followup if the initial jousting part doesn’t work…:slight_smile: