Uni hubs?

does any one here know if I can get an onza splined uni hub?
can’t find them on uni.com.
And if I can’t get one what is a good lower price range splined hub?

the KH hub is probably your best bet.

I hear through the grape-vine that the new ones are having the modified cranks so ankle-killing should no longer be a problem

I don’t really like the KH it only has 8 spline. And the cranks I hear knock your ankles but that doesn’t matter to me, any other suggestions?

in July will come a new hub/crank from qu-ax (a german unicycle distributor)
I´ll sell it in my online shop municycle.com

It will be cost 119,- Euro

Where do you come from ? Europe ?

Here ist a pic:


8 spline isn’t weak. It’s a strong hub. BMXers and DH bike riders continue to use 8 spline setups. Just because Profile has been so successful with their spline design doesn’t mean that the 8 spline designs suddenly suck.

I don’t know the strength differences between the KH, Onza, Profile, and DM hubs. I suspect the Profile would be the strongest of the bunch. But unless you are going really really really huge or you are really big and going huge, you aren’t likely to break or bend the KH hub and crank. If you’re concerned about breaking the hub or cranks, how big are you planning on going? Why do you think you’d break a hub or crank?

Here are your choices for splined hubs:

  • KH hub
  • Onza hub
  • Profile hub
  • DM hub (an 8 spline hub and it’s expensive and only really available as part of a DM unicycle)
  • A custom hub that you have designed for yourself. This option would be expensive. There are several places that can do this. One is Ed Mosimann Another is Steve Howard.
  • Some other options that are in the works like the hub that Roland just mentioned.

For the low cost option the KH is currently the only game in town.

You can contact unicycle.com and find out if the Onza hub can be purchased separately and what the price would be. Just because something is not listed in the online catalog doesn’t mean it’s not available. Sometimes you just gotta call up unicycle.com and just ask.

if those QU-AX cranks are truly going come in 127mm,thats awesome.

although there were a few QU-AX items that never seemed to make it over here,like thier 48 holed 4 taper hub,it never showed up.


What’s the advantage in having short splined cranks? I would have thought that the only time you’ve want short ones would be fo freestyle or general riding and you wouldn’t need strngth for that. Could someone please explain?



This looks to be an excellent value in between the Suzue and the Profile hubs. Can you provide more info on the new Qu-ax hub?

I count 48 holes. Excellent!

What is the flange to flange distance?

What is the Outside Diameter of the bearings?

What is the weight of the hub and each set of cranks?

Do you have an idea of the shipping cost to the United States?

119 Euros converted (19 June) to $139USD. Perhaps there could be a discount for a volume order, say 10 or 20 units with various crank lengths?

It says the Qu-ax hub is Aluminum Alloy…Are hubs supposed to be made out of Aluminum?

sure,i’d love to.

currently.140mm is the shortest splined cranx go for trials.while 140’s are great for torque they suck for getting speed and momentem.

i want a trials uni that has strong short cranks so i can get going faster and clear big lines.i also like to mix in freestyle stuff and its less than ideal with long cranx.when i had a KH20 with Pro 145’s it was so frustrating to be smacking my pedals on the ground every time i made a quick turn.

this was another factor in my purchasing of a Summit,the cranks are 5mm shorter and not flared out,so the chances of pedal strikes on flat ground are somwhat decreased.

Is there a 36 hole hub available? I know you can muck around with patterns to fit a 48 hole hub with a 36 hole rim, but still. That’s a nice looking hub and crankset.

Which other splined hubs are alluminium alloy?


i assume its a alluminum hub with a steel axle inside it,held together with a key way just like Profile

With 127mm cranks you can ride as well as doing trials on your trials uni without bottoming out the pedals any time you do a tight turn.

I’d quite like a 127mm splined crankset for my 29er actually, for riding muni, 29ers are definately capable of being ridden hard enough to kill cranks without any damage to the wheel and 125s are my favourite length for a 29er.

Also, as far as I’m concerned, the main advantage to splined cranks would not be strength for drops, it’d be not screwing up axles / axle threads and generally being more reliable and requiring less maintenance. If someone was to bring out a not very heavy splined crankset with 125/127 & 150mm cranks, I’d definately be saving up.

As for splines, I don’t know whats the optimum, but probably a smaller number than 48 on the profile, more is not necessarily better, the high spline count hubs do have their problems (squeaking, splines wearing out so the cranks freespin).


What Jagur said. In other words, mostly for 20" wheels.

Correct. More is not necessarily better. Too many splines, and soon the cranks have nothing to grip onto. Profile cranks creak. My DMs never made a sound.

Assuming equal axle sizes, more splines effectively give you a larger cross-section, so the axle should be less likely to break. But this is only applicable if the steel is of equal quality. A high-quality axle with low number of splines is going to be stronger than a lower-quality axle with more.

The main thing with a splined axle is to move beyond the limited size of standard cotterless axles. Unicycles that adults hop on should never have had cotterless in the first place. Unicycles take more of a pounding on those parts than bikes, but in the past, no manufacturer was willing to spend the money (and have their expensive unicycles not sell). Times have changed.

They look like a nice setup but the cranks appear to be a similar design to the KH cranks in that they seem to have little or no outward flare, and the axle barrel has the same heel striking/ankle smacking protrusion. Correct or…?

Qing kh cranks


I’m taking my kh cranks to the shop today to see if we can give them some Q,should be interesting.
This stuff drives me off the edge,I just picked up a new pc and my old digital camera won’t work with it of course,what else is new… kh hub cut down the middle and widened to fit the coker hummm …not doable??,fiddle,fiddle fiddle

I´ll get the first hub next week.
So I´ll reply all qustions next week.

… and I´ll check the hub/crank in an trialsuni so I`ll see the durability.


I got my first hub/crank from Qu-ax.

Here are the facts:

weight (hub/2 cranks/ 2 bearings):

170mm = 1440g
127mm = 1320g

Bearings: OD = 42mm / ID = 20mm

Width (bearingcenter - bearingcenter) = 100mm

clearance flange - flange = 55mm

diameter = 62mm

See the pics in the gallery.

Next Weekend we will check the set …


That looks very rugged!

Where did you get the 48 hole Alex?

What is the weight of the hub without the bearings?

What kind of bearings are they?