Uni-Geezer: "Stairmaster" (New 5.23.07)

Haha, hardly a “Stairmaster”, but I thought it was a cool title. Well, I was inspired to try this by Kevin’s (Coker guy at Dana Point ride) challenge that I try hopping up 28 steep steps at Dana Point harbor last Sunday.

In my area there’s a series of HUGE, LONG & STEEP stairs leading to a canyon trail. Each of the four sets has 70 concrete stairs; very narrow and extremely steep.

I decided to try hopping up a complete set of 70 stairs in one attempt…because I figured one would be tiring enough, considering I had to make FOUR trips, or 280 steps total! The itinerary:

First trip: Walking down to set up the camera.
The second: The actual hopping up.
The third: The walk back down to retrieve the camcorder.
The fourth: Final hike back up! :astonished:

I was so winded after that experience that I had to wait a good 10 minutes before I started my usual Muni ride, haha!:stuck_out_tongue:
My previous Hopping-up best was that 28 set at Dana Point, so if successful at this attempt, I would double that plus 14! Click the link to see what happened! :sunglasses:

PS: This vid was really an “endurance” test to see if I could do it, so there’s no produced spots or comedy bits as usual, except for a guy at the end who had a comment! :roll_eyes:

Holy sh*t, Terry! Flippin’ awesome. Congrats! Quite an accomplishment. I won’t give away the result, but I’m so impressed. My riding buddy and I raced each other on a series of steps up and down, 20 or 24 total, I think, and by the end we were both sucking air big time. I can’t imagine finishing so many steps.

Thanks for another cool vid!

My only comment is that you hop opposite the way I do. We both hop with the right foot back. But I hold the handle with my right hand and hop up stairs to the left. You do it with the other hand holding the handle and jumping to the right. No wonder why it’s so difficult for you.

You can save energy by hopping three at a time.

I loved the comment at the end
“Do you ever just ride the unicycle?”

Yeah, he never saw me do the set, I just told him what I did, then asked him to say that line! A first he didn’t want to, but then he said ok, and it seems like it was just a made up comment on the spot, but no, completely my line, haha. :smiley:

YEah my goal is 100 in less than a minute, if I can find a set that big!:stuck_out_tongue: As far as energy, I think I need to do that every day because I’m so hyper anyway, it helps take some of the edge off!:wink:

PS: I meant to ask, is 66 stairs considered easy for most of you out there, or is it a real challenge for most? Is there a stair hopping (up) record?

looks like a good way to get fit fast :smiley:

That’s what I was thinking! I mean yeah, I can see just watching a video of somebody (me) hopping up all those stairs gets repetitive REALLY fast, it is definitley a great way to test your endurance and yes, get fit…if it doesn’t kill me first! :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to make the video interesting, but it’s still just some guy hopping up a sh#t load of stairs! Now if I could do a rolling hop down that set, that would be something! :roll_eyes:

whats that, 7 meters? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope…21.3 meters!:smiley:

well you better be off practicing, eh?

Try riding down them on your muni. Maybe even with your muni cam thing.

I thought about doing that…for about a milisecond! :astonished:

I have done over 100 steps.
My abs hurt after.

must be a quick way to get a nice 6 pack though?

Down or up? And without dismount for all 100? Ok that gives me an idea; there are no 100 sets anywhere locally (that I know of), so i’ll just have to get creative if I want to try 100! Check in later. :sunglasses:

3 laps? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I just tried my “idea” and it didn’t go well at all! My “idea” was to set up some cinder blocks to look like a 2-set, then jump up both (2 steps) at a time, and do that FIFTY times! The problem is that I have to hop back down and repeat the process 50 times. Actually with the hop back down it’s a total of 200 stairs; 50x2 up, 50x2 down.

The problem is that the cinder blocks kept moving and I couldn’t eliminate corrective hops after dropping back down, so it wouldn’t look fluid enough with all the extra movements, plus all the corrective hops take too much out of me to have been able to do all 200. I’ll just have to find a real 100+ set somehwere. (I guess I could just try it on a curb, and go up and down it 200x? :sunglasses: )

Someone NEEDS to grind that handrail!