Uni-Geezer: "Stairmaster" (New 5.23.07)

I’ll volunteer…not! :astonished: Let’s get Johnny Knoxville to try it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjogYoA9xys

There’s another 40 or so set immediatly below that. That should get you over a hundred.

Yoggi hoped up the Eiffel Tower a few months ago. I think it was six hundred and something steps. He did them one at a time.

Edit: 670 stairs in 22 min, 32 sec.

When I visited my mom in Boston there are 12, 12 sets w/ about 8 ft. appart, leading down to the light rail train.

Whoa! You would have to be amazing fit to do that! Were the stairs as steep and high as the ones I did? Did he do it on a trials, and did he do one or more at a time? I’m guessing 1 at a time.

Here are the stairs Yoggi went up:

And Yoggi on his way up:

There are more pictures in the gallery on the k1 site.

Wow! I guess if he did all the steps consecutively, at least he had a short time to “rest” as he reached each landing; I don’t mean he dismounted, but at least while on the landing, you can hop on level ground while you make your way to the next set. Any way you cut it, that’s an incredible feat! Bravo!:smiley: I would give that a try…if I was his age, or about THIRTY YEARS younger!

I found my next set! The only potential problem is that it’s on private property, so I’ll have to get the owner’s permission…I hope anyway! Check out this set…there’s got to be at LEAST 100 stairs, but maybe someone with better eyes then me can count them! (The clip is from an old video of mine, and the caption: “we gotta do this set” was aimed at my local riding buddy at the time)


do it.

I’m planning on it! Wish me luck…but don’t say “break a leg”…(haha now everybody will say that! :astonished: )

Break A Leg!

See I told ya’ll! :smiley:

I meant the “good luck” type break a leg. I dont wan’t you to break a leg or else we wouldn’t be seeing your movies for a while.

At first I thought thats kinda disappointing… I thought it was a cool thing for a non-rider to say.
But then I thought about it some more, and no, thats what makes your films special - you actually make films, that happen to have unicycles. You think about script, actors, location, costumes.
Most people that make videos, including me, just film unicyclist doing their thing.
So thats cool… its part of what makes your videos stand out.

If you want to see my one attempt at a scripted film, here it is:
It plays on Shaun’s callout vid:

it was alot of fun to make. I prepared a script for my son, costume, locations for the indoor/outdoor scenes. Its only took about 30 minutes to shoot.
I dont think thats what vanuni wants to do… we go out to ride, not make films. But I totally appreciate what you’re doing.

That was a fun little vid!