Uni Geezer: "Coker-Cam Jam, thank you mamm!"

Wound up with over 20 min of raw footage, edited to a hopefully not toomono-tonous 6 minutes!:smiley: I had a blast making it and my buddy Eric did a great job with the bike mounted cam; surprisingly smooth footage all things considered.

A little fun bit at the beginning, a few hops and drops toward the end, a quick little “speed-run”, and a variety of beach riding in between. And Eric learns the challenge of free mounting a 36er!

Hope you enjoy it as much as i loved making it!:smiley:

LINKAGE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3sWBPKNZys

"Big Wheels keep on turnin’, proud Terry keeps on burnin’…rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the bike path! :sunglasses:

Good video! What did that sign you were holding at the beginning say? I couldn’t read it…even after looking at for awhile.

Yeah I wanted Eric to get a better closeup, plus the vid quality is lower so it’s hard to read on youtube, but crystal clear on the wmv. Any, it says, “Will Unicycle for food!” :smiley:

was the food you got and the spilled drink staged?

Yep, the whole thing. Actually, it was an amazing coincidence because the guy in the car had just pulled up moments before to say hello–we see each other at my local trail; he rides a mtb.

So I asked if he’d help me with the shot, and he said sure. So I gave him the food and drink, he went around the corner and pulled up to the stop sign again like it was just unplanned! Worked out perfect! I only wish the sign was more easy to read as that was a key part of the gag.:stuck_out_tongue:

you deffenatly could have fooled me. i frogot to say it in my other post GREAT VID!!

at the 4:50 minute mark in the vid I’m doing a second “speed run”, and although I’m not going all out, it looks like I’m pedalling pretty fast. They are 125mm cranks, so by looking, could anyone estimate how many revs I was pulling per second? It’s too fast for me to tell. :thinking: I looks like it could be around 2-2.5 full revs per second. I’m not sure what that would translate to in mph, but based on “feel” and from my gps it fely close to 15mph. But I’m not sure. :slight_smile:

The sign was kinda hard to see in the video, so I tried to take a frame snap.

food 2.jpg

I can’t wait till I can afford a Coker :slight_smile:

that was awesome dude!

I loved it

nice vedeo.

i really like all your videos they are really cool!

Very nice Terry you sure can spin those legs fast, I like your new set-up

Great Vid! Your one of the only people that has made a Coker Vid interesting and really fun to watch so far, GREAT Job!!!:smiley:

I shot the footage just a few days before this video. I didn’t think it really needed a separate and new thread, so I just posted the link below. It isn’t full view because I was holding the videocam in my hand while I rode, (tricky as it was!) vs it being mounted on my friends bike.

Completely different perspective, with some interesting parts, but I much prefer the Bike cam Pov. The various music you hear was playing on my Ipod console while I rode.:slight_smile:

I think that you’re doing about 2 revs a second or 120 rpm’s… pretty good but I can still beat you! :wink: I’m putting the 89mm cranks on soon, so I’ll be going even faster!

Haha I’m sure you can, but as I mentioned, I wasn’t going all out due to the people on the bike path that tend to dart in front of you without notice. Yeah, I really want to get some 89’s if for no other reason than to see what my max speed could be, but that test will take place in an area where there is little or no traffic on the path for a good 1/4 mile section.:stuck_out_tongue:

good idea, still nice speed terry

I’m waiting for the release of the new Coker, but was thinking I wanted 150 cranks…wouldn’t you move even faster, or could you not keep up the same RPMs?

Another great vid; and who doesn’t love that CCR tune? Get yourself an odometer - I put on an inexpensive CATEYE; very easy to install, gives max speed, trip odo, total odo. If the coker wheel size is too big (I forget what the max wheel size is, if there is one), just use (say) half the wheel circumference and multiply whatever you get by two. Just an idea …