Uni Drive-thru

Anybody go through a drive-thru on their uni? My kids wondered about this and think it would be a cool idea to ride up…order while idling…then ride up to the window…then ride off… (something easy to carry like an apple pie).

Our local McDonalds is fairly quiet in the evening and I can see them being more surprised than refusing service based on some rule that you have to be in a vehicle.

…the kids are hoping for some great stories in this regard…


They’re going to have to be a lot more creative

to think of something Terry “UniGeezer” Peterson hasn’t already done.

It’s a ‘Thing not to do’.

Unfortunately, legally it’s almost always prohibited: some stupid reason about liability given. I used to try a lot on my bicycle and about 70% of the time I was told: no pedestrians in the drive-thru, please come inside (I was even once refused service late at night as the inside was closed but the drive-thru open half an hour longer). The argument that a bicycle is a vehicle and not a pedestrian was never successful, so I think the chances with a unicycle are worse.

So, if the person at the drive-thru is cool and/or not afraid of breaking company policy then it should work. Give it a try!

For businesses liability is a very serious thing, and can lead to multi-million dollar lawsuits. Therefore it’s taken seriously and policies exist to avoid liability situations. Like mixing pedestrians, pedaled vehicles and cars in a single-lane drive through. Not fun, but it makes sense to me.

I recall around 10 years ago a drive thru window at a McDonalds in Astoria, Queens that did say something about serving pedestrians at the drive-thru window only during an early morning or late at night period when the lobby wasn’t open.

That’s the way to do the drive-through!

I worked at a Burger King as a teen and I think it mainly depends on the manager on duty. Once a guy did walk up and we did serve him, even though it was against the rules, because the dining room was closed and the drive through stayed open for another hour.

Terry’s ridden through many stores (including Home Depot and Target) and hopped off counters (I think one was a Subway)

Never hurts

Never hurts to try (or ask)…so I might be going through that drive thru to see what happens.

Once McDonalds was running a “FREE REFILLS” promotion and had banners all up around the restaurant. The implication was for free refills on drinks, but it didn’t explicitly say. So, after eating his soft-serve ice-cream down to the cone-level my friend decided to ask for a “refill.” The teen-age worker was perplexed so asked for the manager.

“It doesn’t say only drinks,” the manager said…and proceeded to refill the cone to it’s original level. So…It really does “never hurt to ask.” :slight_smile:

One of the funniest unicycling videos EVER

OK I forgot, not a drive thru, but a car wash. I’d say that’s probably more dangerous.

Yeah, he could have gotten his arm ripped off or something. I remember when I was about his age and a new rider, I could easily have ended up trying all that same stuff. Like a “lite” episode of Jackass. :slight_smile: