Ultimate Wheel Tricks Compilation

I put together a video of some of the tricks I do on the Ultimate Wheel. Enjoy the video!

Wow, really masterful technique! It’s obvious that you have spent a LOT of time honing your skills, and it’s paid off! :slight_smile:

I went to your website and checked out your videos. Great stuff Terry!

Thanks Anthony and welcome to the forums! :smiley:

Wow, great tricks, Anthony! I can barely ride a d@mn figure-eight on mine.

Woah, now I feel silly having a seat… :stuck_out_tongue: Flipping nuts man, and your only 22! What age did you start riding?

That’s really impressive, your body varial (twisty jump :P) is so cool.

What your doing is really neat. My favorite trick was the double freewheel jump.

Thanks everyone! I had to reupload the video so the above link wont work, it’s actually here.

wow impressing!!!
the twisty jump was amazing :wink:

Oh i haven’t expected that, Nice, impressive, crazy! The twisty jump was unbeliveble!

:astonished: WOW!

Impressive control during all the moves. Some of the more unique ones really got me thinking about the routine possibilities. What sort of format do your performances usually take?

I’d love to see a triple freewheel (looks like you have enough time) or a double with a leap of faith mixed in. :wink:

wow that was really impressive.

Wow, that was really impressive, makes me want to get a UW

Nomadic - I have been riding unicycles since I was 4 and Have been riding Ultimate Wheels since about age 8

Justtysen - Usually my act is about 2 and a half minutes of basic unicycle tricks and then 3 minutes of Ultimate Wheel stuff. I am in the process of editing a video of my act and I will put it up. Those tricks you mentioned would be cool! I would like to learn to be able to do a Leap of Faith and have the first tire keep rolling behind me. It’s pretty hard to do though and have been able to do it only a few times.

By the way, I am new to these forums and still figuring out things. Is there a way to edit my post so that the original link can be replaced with the working one? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!



I swear I saw a vid of a performance of yours like a year ago on the same or very similar looking stage and outfit. You did all the same tricks but in (I think) one clip, except maybe those last few tricks like the hoolahoop, squat ride, jumprope, and of course the stairs.

Amazing skills by the way.

Yes for up to 10 min after your post. Go to the lower right of your text window and next to the “quote” button would be there is an edit button.

Great Video with cool tricks! Nice to meet other UW rider. I ride UW too, and can do a few tricks on it. I post it a few weeks ago:http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79623

That was awesome! Aside from the “electric eel” song I got stuck in my head now. :wink:

I bet you could ride trails with that. And by “you” I mean YOU.