Ultimate Wheel Tricks Compilation

skilewis74: There is another video of my performance online on Youtube. That’s probably what you are thinking off. It was shot about 4-5 years ago. Thanks for the compliment!

MuniOrBust: I haven’t ever ridden a trail on a UW… or a Muni… or even a bike for that matter haha! I wouldn’t mind trying if there was someone experienced in the area I could go with. I live in Missouri so that’s highly unlikely.

Leap of faith!!! :astonished:
I forgot to breath while watching, you almost killed me!!!
Never knew that such sick actions were possible…
Enjoyed every sec.

Very impressive :sunglasses: . You make it look so easy.

Brian MacKenzie rode one in TWNR.
Make yourself a 36" UW (or have one made). Brian had an effective crank length of 165 mm, but if you altered the spacing of the “frame” bars you could get at least 2 different effective lengths. I think justonewheel.com and The Unicycle Factory can both make them. Someone on hear made a steel one himself in orange, but I’d get an aluminum one w/ the mult “crank lengths”.


I’ve seen that video before. He’s a really good UW rider!

I may buy one early next year when my schedule frees up a little. It looks like a lot of fun!

I also uploaded my outtakes video from trying to land the UW tricks. (The Twisty jump was the hardest!)


That was really good. I’m building an UW at the moment and I’ll be happy if I can learn to ride it round the yard! The wellies are a good idea - better looking for performance than normal shin pads.

I thought you were going to grind that railing at the end of the film - do you reckon that’s possible?


I’m sure grinding a rail is possible. It would just require months and months of practice. You would probably need a large UW because it’s hard to get much air with UW’s. Have fun learning the UW!