UK riders

Just wondering how many UK riders there are about and how many use this site???

if ure out there reply!!!
And say where ure from

I’m from the south west devon soon to be Cornwall

I am Des Devlin, i live in South Wales close(ish) to Cardiff (Pontypridd)

Hello - another Brit here.

There’s quite a few of us in the East Midlands and we meet up in Derby every Tuesday night for a game of hockey in the great outdoors (which was fun in the snow last week).


Hi, I live in Nairn in the Highlands of Scotland.


Re: UK riders

North-West. Riding in
Manchester / Wigan

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> Just wondering how many UK riders there are about and how many use this
> site???
> if ure out there reply!!!
> And say where ure from
> I’m from the south west devon soon to be Cornwall
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Hey, I’m in Portsmouth when I’m at university, and near Cambridge when I’m not.

Theres a few other unicyclists here in Pompey, and lots more trying to learn at our juggling club.

Looks like we’ve got most of the country covered so far!


I’m in Glasgow, central Scotland. There’s two of us that regularly ride, and a few part-timers at the juggling club.

Are you all coming to the British Juggling Convention in Perth? There’ll be loads of unicycle activities, games, workshops, etc. We’re even having a trials comp in the centre of town and an orienteering event too! And Muni if enough Muni-ers come!!

Think of it as BUC-Scotland.

Innes, you’ll be coming, eh? Not too far for you to travel!


Get out and ride, man! You won’t regret it! Others will back me up on this. It’s so much fun weaving between pedestrians!


Re: UK riders

I know what you mean, luckly i have a work friend who I muni ride with about
once a week. We both started at the same time in our lunch break :slight_smile: It took
a while for me too get the courage to ride on my own in public, i’m
naturally shy. But after a few local rides you get used to it. Now I take
the dog with me with I ride :slight_smile:

Good Luck

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> I live in Epsom, Surrey. A few minutes driving distance from where the
> Derby horse race happens. My nearest fellow riders are at Croydon
> Juggling Club, but I’m the only one of them who hangs out and posts
> here.
> But basically I’m alone here, with zero other uni riders in this area.
> Due to my shyness and extremely low self-esteem I’ve never ridden at all
> in my home area.
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> gkmac - Never rides in public
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I’m from the sunny (but at the moment snowy) south east in Eastbourne and do loads of muni on the nearby south downs, all on my jack jones unfortunately as everyone else in this area is over 90 years old and moan about them being too old to take up muni, hardly the Dunkirk spirit is it!

Hi, I’m North Essex-based. As far as I know there’s only me and BungleBanks down in South Essex who are from the land of white socks and bad Essex Girl Jokes.

And gkmac, just do it! It gets easier the more you expose yourself (if that’s the phrase I’m looking for…:slight_smile: )


I’m from Whitley Bay, near Newcastle (upon Tyne).

I play hockey each week in Stockton (home of UDCUK), where there is up to about 15 of us.

Note: Anyone ever up my way fancy a ride, contact me (magicman008 at hotmail dot com)



In Yateley, Hampshire, a mile from Berkshire, 2 miles from Surrey.

There used to be hockey teams worth riders locally but they have all moved towards the South West or Wales in the last couple of years. Also I know of 3 Coker riders between here and London.

Riding around your home town is fine, some of the more common comments I get from the youths hanging around the streets are:

‘is that a different Unicycle?’ or ’ there he is again, how are you doing?’.

I recently rode in Frome whilst visiting friends, there the comments were the standard ‘where’s your other wheel’.


Do check out the Union of UK Unicyclists. It doesn’t list members by name and location, but does link to an up-to-date list of uni/juggling events and gatherings in the UK. Great way to meet other riders.

I would love to Tom, but I can’t manage, I will try and make time in the future, when it comes back to Scotland.


Circusfreak have a look here: UK roster of unicyclists

South-West London…

ipswich rider

Hi i,m from ipswich,ride a kh 24 mostly off road in the forest(distinct lack of mountains in ipswich).ive been riding just over a year and would be interested to hear from anyone in the area.this is my first post and i would like to thank john childs on his excellent advice on the super idle approach to learning backwards riding and whoever posted the advice on cutting and welding the seat post to give a steeper angle…happy riding to all.

I’m in Princetown (Dartmoor), so probably pretty close to you. I’ve never seen another unicyclist when I’ve been out riding (except when I’ve been to the SW Uni Meets).

Surest way to meet other UK riders is to attend Kidderminster and/or Exeter unimeets and especially BUC - see UK events calendar for details.

I’m in Rugby and attend Nuneaton Juggling Club where there are loads of other riders, but most of them don’t go to regional or national events (Robin & Ian excepted). There are a few of us Cokeurs in the Midlands who ride out fairly regularly (though not enough in my case).

Mike Penton: Hey Mike, I may be working in the Brooklands/Woking area soon - if so, perhaps we could get out riding.


Midlands, South Warwickshire/North Oxfordshire

Hi, there’s a bunch of us in the south warwickshire area (centered around Warwick). Most of the others are at University for the majority of the time, but i’m always around if any of the other midland uni-ists fancy a bit of a ride. I’ve got an Onza 20" Trials and an Onza 24" Muni with Maguras fitted. I’ve ridden down snowdon 3 times now, and am looking for people to ride with… If you’re interested you can can contact me at Loose_moose_pie(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Why does that sound like a very specialist lonely hearts ad? :stuck_out_tongue: