UDC back in stock / New Nimbus 27.5 Muni

My Unicycles are handcrafted and spoked in Switzerland


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Is the brake mount on the other side of the frame different somehow? Interesting that it’s on the front side.

I had a look myself and will find your answer here


Here is a snippet

Da diese Gabel auf Langlebigkeit ausgelegt ist, liess ich kurzum auch auf der Gegenseite Disc- Sockel anschweissen. Dies kostet nicht alle Welt, hat aber den Vorteil, dass das “Ersatzteil” schon eingebaut ist. Bei einem verbogenen oder abgerissenen Bremssockel , Fertigungstoleranzen usw. kann man die Gabel einfach um 180 Grad drehen !

I do not speak any German but here is an automatic translation which is probably enough to give you the idea.

Since this fork is designed for durability, I also had disc bases welded on the opposite side. This does not cost everyone, but has the advantage that the “spare part” is already installed. With a bent or torn brake socket, manufacturing tolerances, etc. you can easily turn the fork 180 degrees !

Here I have described it. You can use the translation tool in the top right corner.


My thought was: This fork should be indestructible and last as long as possible. A brake socket is not the most expensive thing on the fork. So I installed a second one as a spare part. If a base is bent, torn off, or something doesn’t fit, you can simply turn the fork 180 degrees.

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Fair enough. Interesting idea!

Smart idea I like it. M4O has two tabs as well but both on the back so you can do either inboard and outboard disks. Now I will wait for the first frame that combines both approaches and comes with 4 brake tabs! :grinning:

And rim brake mounts too? :smiley:


Of course!!! :rofl:

After all, I have a fork with both sockets;)


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Now I’m tempted to build a uni with two independent brakes. On a handle saddle one could mount a lever on each side… :joy:

Funnily enough I vaguely seem to recall @UniMyra once talking about putting two brakes on a unicycle, along these lines

As you know I had my eyes on that particular uni for some time now. Would you mind supplying close up pictures of the bearing housing?

You can zoom in the picture. Then you should see it. It is the standard cup used by most steel forks. I have been using it for about 3 months and am satisfied (of course, I test my material)

We do have them in the UK… they are just not showing on the site at the moment, not sure why. Will check out tomorrow


You can also do this with only one disk with a shimano inline lever.

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@rogeratunicycledotcom I still do not see it. Did you work out why? Also are there other new products we are missing [rubs hands hopefully]?

Gockie, I just received my URC 29er. Its a great uni.

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No, this wouldn’t give me two independent brakes, only two levers. :wink:

We’ve wavered off topic now, but the double socket frames lead to an interesting idea: Mount one calliper on each and connect them to a single lever via a hose splitter, such as this one. Of course, you’d need a hub with two disc attachment points (do those exist?), and probably also rebuild the wheel to account for the symmetric brake loads… maybe not such a good idea, but imagine that brake force!

This is the only full product we have a problem with. The website just does not want to show it. It apparently is a database problem and it seams to be stuck on this product. Fingers crossed it goes live tomorrow.
We would also like the “what’s new” slider to work for you…

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