UDC back in stock / New Nimbus 27.5 Muni

I just noticed UDC finally got their shipment. Everything has also (predictably) gone up in price. What are you all planning to order?

I’ve been thinking of getting a 27.5 Muni. The new KH 27.5 (USD950) is painfully expensive, but they also have a new steel 27.5 Muni for USD490 in racing green. Tempted…

If you’re looking at a 27.5", maybe check out Mad4One as well? I recently bought a fat 27.5" from them at the start of the season and it’s been treating me really well, I paid a bit more for it to get the anodized pink one but it looks amazing, performs well, and doesn’t feel like it has any compromises component wise!

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I’m a big fan of M41. My 19" M41 trials is beautiful and the quality is the best I’ve seen.

Here is a URC direct equivalent to that steel Nimbus


Another URC/M41 fan here too!

I’d take the Nimbus over the URC since it has machined bearing housings. Nimbus steel frames are pretty nice IMO.

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@Gockie did you get the steel one? Or did you get the anodized version?

Is there a big difference if all the bearings are tightened down in this ad-hoc fashion? (Idk the technicalities here, but there’s not even a suggested torque.)
Edit: I’m also a steel b*ke kinda person, so steel for me is a plus, when the aluminum versions are so much more expensive, and when the only real difference is weight and stiffness.

In theory the machined housings will be a bit easier on the bearings if they are built to tight tolerances. Plus you can adjust them with a 5mm Allen key rather than a 10mm spanner - one less tool to carry on the trail.

The steel one as the price is a lot lower, but I have to say the aluminum ones are really gorgeous.

You may well be right but I don’t know if I am totally convinced. I have a 26" steel Nimbus frame and a 3 URC steel frames. The all seem to work fine for me, no obvious issues.

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is”

As for less tools, sure ok but it not a big deal IMHO. A 10mm spanner is tiny and weighs almost nothing.

How big a tyre can you get in the Nimbus frame? The URC one will take a 27.5x3.50.

FWIW, This (or similar) is quite handy and small, and it is nice to have to adjust pedals. Plus it has a 10mm spanner on the back. Yes I know many pedals can be taken off with an allen key as well but that is 8mm, not 5mm. So you still need an extra tool.

The bigger thing for me is that either the machine screws with the locating nub are required, or you need two tools to get them apart. At the very least you have to keep one part pressed into the housing with one hand while you undo the nut on the other end. If I’m not using a ratchet socket I’m going to be getting pretty frustrated.

I’ve a couple of dozen steel frames with stamped bearing housings, and they’re all a faff to undo.

Personally I think they look ridiculous when you have that large a tyre in with such a skinny frame, or a tyre that’s nowhere near to filling the space, but obviously that’s a personal choice. Their colours are also not really to my liking.

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It does not bother me so much but sure I can take your point that it is more fiddly. It would also be easier to lose a part if you need to do this out on the trail.

Anyway, I am not knocking the new option from Nimbus, just suggesting that I think that the URC is (in my opinion) just as good and cheaper.

To be honest, I am actually really pleased to see this new option from Nimbus. Previously they had the 26" and whilst I am very happy with my own 26", it has been mentioned numerous times here that the mountain bike market is increasingly favouring the 27.5" size and hence the tyre selection for muni is better there. Realistically muni is how most people who buy 26"/27.5" will use their machine.

With a steel 27.5" Nimbus, people who want an entry level machine have more tyre options and in addition those that simply favour steel have a great base to build up their dream uni from, given it has all the baseline parts needed to attach higher end components (ISIS hub, 27.5" wheelset, disk brake tabs). So this is a very nice new option and I am glad it has finally appeared.

Looks like they do not sell it in the UK though. So is the a US only option @rogeratunicycledotcom?

I only see 24", 26" and 29" Nimbus branded steel Munis.

I suspect it’s probably a limited supply issue of this new product.

Perhaps we’ll get them here in the UK in the next container.

This is likely going to depend on where you’re buying from. With import we (in the UK) would probably end up paying considerably more for the URC due delivery, VAT, and import charges vs buying from UDC UK (based on the price of the 29" steel uni).

On the just as good, in terms of how they ride I suspect this is true, but in my eyes the UDC Muni has the base URC one beat in a number of areas:

  • Slightly better cranks (at least they seem it visually)
  • Much better rim (The URC comes with a basic single walled one by default which is nowhere near as good as the double walled Nimbus one. It looks similar to the Qu-Ax RGB, but that’s a double wall rim too)
  • Better saddle (Some of this is personal choice, but I’ve felt the flex in the basic M4O saddle and seen one break - it feels far more like the older curved Nimbus bases which also liked to snap in the middle. The current Nimbus Stadium is a much better saddle)
  • Marginally better frame (as discussed above)
  • I think it’s an aluminium rather than a steel seatpost (I’ve got so many steel posts that have started to corrode inside the frame, partially due to the chrome plating being scratched - the M4O looks to be painted steel so even less resilient).

Perhaps we need a budget MUni showdown thread…


However, the URC one is fully configurable from the get go. For example, in addition to crank selection (which they both have) you can choose between different, saddle, pedals, rim from the get go, rather than buying something that is not exactly as you want then upgrading latter, potentially costing more in total. Oh and there are far more colour options (not just for the frame: black, pink, silver) but also for rim and seat post. Other than crank selection the Nimbus is very much what you see is what you get. If that is what you want great, if not well, you need to buy “extra” parts.

In any case, I am glad that Nimbus has done this and hope the UK store gets them in as well.

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It should be noted that although not a clearly available option, UDC (UK at least) can normally offer this too if the parts they’re swapping out are something that they sell normally and have stock of.

I’ve had no issues swapping or excluding seat clamps, saddles, cranks, or pedals on new purchases, with only a small additional charge if I was looking to swap a lot of things.

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Good to know. Anyway, I will step back from this conversation now. It feels like I might come across as knocking Nimbus/UDC and that is not true, or at least not my intention. I am a big fan of both Nimbus/UDC and M4O/URC and have only received excellent service from both of them :wink:


I’d also like to make it clear that I’m not intending to try and discourage anyone from buying any products from any companies, as much as I have a habit of looking for fault in everything that they make.

Everyone looks for different things in a unicycle, and the cost and and of the products in various locations will also massively affect whether or not they might be the right thing to buy.

There’s no doubt that all companies that currently make unicycles make excellent products and I can think of circumstances to recommend every single one of them.

Almost everyone has positive things to say about their unicycles, whatever the make or model, and that tells you all you need to know really.


My own 2 cents on the matter is that I’ve had a good experience with both M41 and UDC, (US and UK), and while I can’t speak to the lower end of M41’s product line, the upper end of it is beautiful. All that anodized aluminum in different colors, leather wrapped handle saddles and having the option of getting better brakes and pedals make M41 stand out to me.

Nimbus/UDC makes a good product too. Bottom line is a unicycle is pretty darn simple and if they’re both using similar metals, have decent welding and similar components, then there’s not going to be a big difference in quality or performance between them.

I’ve currently got my eye on one from each company. I’d like both a Hatchet and a 24" Tecno.