U ppl an ur $#%$#$%# flatland

Well honnestly the sport is getting very lame. Everyone wants to get good at flatland u watch videos now no one does stairs,gaps or rails and always do there little crankflips and hickflips and shit. Dont worry Im not making this thread cauz I cant do them I just think its gettin lame how everyone does flatland… I mean what is more impressive ? a crankflip or someone gapping a 10 set? Anyways I just thought Id share my anger with you all :smiley:

Well I do flatland just because it doesn’t require going anywhere. It’s not lame just because it’s not your favorite style…If you are complaining about not enough vids of “big street” then you should make some…I have only seen a few clips of you.

maybe cauz Im keepin all my clips for something bigger? ouuhh whats that spencer? I agree doing flatland is fine with me ill go out and do it once in a while…but I mean dont u get sick of always hearing/seeing the same thing ? I kno I do

Yeah, it would be better to see more variety.

I have a feeling my whole riding style will change when I get a license and a car;)

ehh i agree… id like to see some more bigger stuff because flatland is kind of boring so i am working on a movie but it will take a while because i have no where to do any of these so i bring my camera places to find stuff:)

I’ve been doing alot of flatland lately because I don’t have a car, but I try to bring my uni when I go places, so I can practise stairs ect. I still can’t hop high enough to do a handrail though:(

I thinkc rankflips are cool, but there being seriously overused now.

shauns flip vid was pretty cool though…

maby people practise crankflips so in the future when they go jumping sets, they can add a bit of style to it, not just a gap. Look at shaun, he crankflips and grinds, he even combimes the two.

i oftern practise crankflips and flatland, but i am working up to doing the tricks i pracise on flat down bigger drops and sets.

Also when people say “im bored of all the crankflips” the difficluty level inbetween say a crankflip and a treyflip is hudge, if people just see it all as “just flips” then i see there old style street as just jumping stairs.

So thanks for sharring you oppinion(sp), and thats mine

as I said, I don’t mind seeing crankflips, but if you combine crankflips, or unispins ect. with grinds and gaps and stairs it becomes awesome. way beyond just jumping down stairs…

I know exactly shaun has his style yep…So everoyne has to copy it ?

That would be bad. I like doing flip tricks but vids that don’t have a shot with some kind of crankflip get pretty boring. I know that all the flips might be different and really hard but after a while it is just boring to watch.

nobodys copying him. he is simply better then everyone else at street, so if someone else rides street, they are doing what he has allready done. Not copying him.

crankflips are a big part of shaun’s style, but if you do a crankflip down a 3 set that’s not copying shaun. your implying that everyone who does crankflips is copying shaun which is like everyone who can idle is copying everyone else.

I think flatland’s is awesome, but to an extent. for decent movies you should try to have as much variety as possible, unless it’s a movie about a pecific trick.

edit: I meant what dale dale said…

yea I agree on that…actually but I duno exactly u dont see ppl doin crankflips over stuff… k if u look at the street comp in naucc… all the riders did a fricken crankflip and none of them could do that rail… thats just my point

I do agree with you that people are concentrating too hard on learning crankflips and tricks on the uni, and not concentrating on obstacles enough.

i can do rails and crap but before the street comp i couldnt do the rail could i just got new pedals and that was the first time i had ridden on the pedals and they stuck to the rail.

not all of the leading street riders where there, so i do not believe thats a fair point to say.

right hear we go again…
gaping stairs: I believe that jumping sets requires guts, crankfliping the same set requires more guts, adding mroe viration to the flip trick makes it more difficult.

so unless you wanna just go try to doubble back a 6 set stright away, i say we tollarate flatland, untill more people are up to shauns level of riding (by whitch time him and the other leaders will be doing god knows what) then we can start saying its all boring

Well ask shaun what hed rather watch… flatland or big … hell answer big.

Ok, that’s his opinion. I like watching Xavier/Dan style flatland…

im not shaun.

and im not saying that

im saying, you have to learn on the flat beofre you go gapping 10 sets, plese tell me you can see the sence in that.

Ill agree, i do like watching people go big, but id ratehr see someone trick a 6 then gap a 10

im gonna go bed soon, so ill post again tomarrow

I like both. I really like flowy technical medium stuff though, like 360’s down 5 stairs, treyflips(360 unispin crankflips?) down 3 stairs, backflips down 4 stairs, 180 back handrail grinds down 6 stairs, stuff like that.