U ppl an ur $#%$#$%# flatland

I lvoe watching xav and dan too… because they dont just do flatland they to flips and spins over stuff and into rails and stuff… its not just a flatland run… I actually love watching xavier

Yeah I know, Xav is my favorite to watch. I know he does alot more than just flatland but the kind of flatland that xav and dan do are my favorite kind of flatland.

I saw dan do a leg around with his right foot and then with his left foot consecutavely(sp?) without hopping inbeetween, and to this day it is one of the coolest uni tricks I’ve seen because he did it so smoothly and flowily.

Hmmm interesting thread.

Actually I think Shaun would rather see someone flipping a6 set than someone jumping a 10. He told me himself that he hated jumping sets. He told me that the technical stuff was way better.

Besides, you have to learn flips first in order to go big with them yes??


You mean like Universe 2?

whaaat shaun told me other way around… w/e who cares haha… yea I agree u do have to learn the tricks to go big with them I dont disagree… but when u go big with a trick its not flatland anymore…

I think that obstacles are more fun, but then again i’m getting into trials right now (with a 1.75 tire LOL) and Im actually losing the ablility to do some tricks (unispin) :frowning:

Max, I think you and me agree on something. :smiley: haha.


Aw man, I completely said that wrong. That is not what I meant at all…I was trying to say that I don’t like vids that only have crankflips, like there is not a shot that does not have a flip in it.

When I said the first thing I meant to say “without some kind of flip”, not with…


In my opinion big stair gaps are boring, flip trick runs on flat are boring. People doing flips and stuff down stairs it interesting. I know you have to learn stuff on flat to get them down stairs and stuff, but why make a movie of stuff on flat.

I also think people need to be more creative with there riding. The good thing about xav and dan is there really creative and alot of the time there’ll be some new moves in there vids.

I love seeing Xav’ and Shauns style of riding but I loved seeing Kevin McMullin at UNICON. He is insane. His is still my favourite section in Defect and seeing him ride is awesome. He goes HUGE and tricks the set, but does it without flips. He has learnt flips now by the way. I believe this is your favourite style Max?

I think everything is going dandy, soon people will start to flip sets and go bigger. Going to be an expensive time up ahead…


Ahh, jumping a 9 set, were have I seen that before?

ive been wanting to make a thread like this one. what ever happend to “big street”? thats what i do.

i guess flatland is ok if your using it to add style to gaps later on but i agree its kind oof boring to watch movies of this

I like watching flowy flatland…Like Xavs Style.