Types of shoes?

Hello everyone!!!

i would just like to discuss the types of shoes that people are wearing for muni. As i have been wearing the 661 filter shoe for about a year. They have started to show signs on wear, and the rubber on the bottom of the right foot is nearly gone, i was just wondering if anyone had some shoe advice, to help me decide what to get next.

Also i was looking at the five ten freerider VXI. has anyone had these shoes as i would appreciate some feedback on them.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s a good place to start:


The thread title is Five Ten, but people review other shoes. I’d start on the last page and work my way back since shoes like Barons are now discontinued.

I settled on a pair of Teva Links. They’ve been great so far.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried the new xvi version, but the freeriders have been my favorite uni shoe for years. Seems like on the xvi version your giving up some dirt tread, which doesn’t make much sense to me since they are lacking in that area already…

The main thing the freerides have been lacking is stiffness, but I’ll give that up for their grip, no other shoe comes close (besides other 5.10 shoes of course). The impact doesn’t fit my foot very well and is too big and clunky.

I’ll say the same as I say on all these threads - I don’t use fancy sports shoes, I uni in my steel-toecapped work boots - stiff as a board, incredibly comfy, and built-in toe and sole protection :smiley: Not to mention a nice big heel that glues your feet to the pedal.

Is shoe weight really an issue? Except if you’re doing trials or something else involving lots of jumps :roll_eyes:

Thanks for your advice, i have just ordered a pair of 5.10 VXI :slight_smile: I found that when a shoe is to bulky and heavy, it feels like your not it full contact with the uni. but everyone to themselves :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t wear special shoes for uni i wear my chuck Taylors i have a heel sole in them to make them more comfy. They are extremely comfy and a solid show they last a long time and are relatively inexpensive shoe

I think I bought my first pair of 5.10s in 2007. The bottoms look about the same now as they did then, only a little dirtier. I have two pairs now; one for dirt and one for Road. Best grip of any shoe I’ve ever used. Expensive? Not really. If they last like that, they’re pretty cheap.

Shoes and slick ground

I am still very new to unicycling and found that a pair of my hiking style Non-Slip shoes grip the pedals like mad. But, when I tried unicycling in the snow earlier this year I found that the tread that worked so well on the Uni and on wet kitchen floors failed miserably on the snowy ground. I’ve thought about cutting some of the treads to keep the snow from packing in the shoes.

What shoes work good for UPD’s when the ground is slick?