Two awesome new unicycle T-shirts

Unicycists !

Here are two new unicycle T-shirts ready to order.

Both shirts were originally hand drawn by a local comic book artist. I have been looking for a long time for someone who could put on paper ideas that have been in my head. It finally happened. This guy is awesome.

These are the first of many more to come !
The next ones will be coming in the spring.

Both shirts are pre-shrunk Gildan Heavyweight Ultra Cotton.

The first is a girl on a trials unicycle.
Very foxy !
This shirt colour is light grey.

The second is world famous unicyclist, Jack Hughes
You don’t know Jack !

Many words describe Jack…
Zanny, daredevil, crazy, awesome, trials rider, Rock band member, knife spinner, mountain unicyclist, freak show, man of many talents, fun guy, ladies man, wears a toque, one cool guy !

Best know for…
When I say Ham, you say Sandwich !
Ham… Sandwich… Chinese… Take out
BAM !!! Oh shit!

That was Jack working the croud waiting for the races to start at the 2003 National Unicycle Convention and Championships.

This shirt is light green.

Shirts are available in Adult S-M-L-XL

Price is 20.00 CDN or 15.00 US each
5.00 CDN or US per order (not shirt) shipped anywhere in North America

They will be available at the TOque games or can be ordered by sending a cheque/check or money order to:

Darren Bedford
71 Jasper Avenue
Toronto ON
M6N 2N2

They look better than the pictures.
Get them both and start your collection today !!!

Here’s the link, look under T-shirts:

Let me know what you think of them. Thanks !


For more info, send a e-mail to: or call

I do actually know Jack. :slight_smile:
I need that shirt.

I would have to say I don’t really know Jack. i would say he is more of an aquatence.

The other shirt… now that is what I would call uni porn. I have a feeling that shirt may not make it through the first load of laundry my wife does!

DUDE! that shirt with the chic on it is tight! ima have to get that one. Awesome shirts dude! Good Jeorb:D

Hawtness. If I wore shirts with half naked ladies on them I would buy one.

Why, does your wife have something against barefoot wheel-walking? :wink:

I don’t see anything wrong with stylizing a uni-gal, although equal time would be nice to see too Darren. Maybe your next one can be a uni-boy-toy with abs modeled on the KH 6-pack.

All I can say is this old tree wishes she had limbs like that chica…

bet she can’t cook…

Seems to me she really cooks. :sunglasses:

Uni-Porn. Yep, sounds about right. My wife and girls would not appreciate $ spent on that shirt.

If the Uni-Girl was toned down just a bit, like not in her panties, the shirt would be great. --chirokid–

That’s what I thought, but then I showed my wife, and her response …

… was not what I expected. (I’ve got keeper :slight_smile:

Do you really think that would help? At least she has something on.:smiley:

Hey Darren,

Those shirts rock! I’ll be buying one of those for sure. I can’t wait to see what you come out with next.


i dont know what to say about the chick one. on the one hand it is incredibly sexist, while on the other it has the potential to remove the circus stereo-type from unicycling and add a more extreme, popular edge to it. hmmmmm…

OK, i did some quick thinking about the chick one… and i have decided that i think it is okay. here is my reasoning:

a) the shirt does not intentionally perpetuate sexism. the girl is not “real”

b) the shirt seems more so to mock other sport’s use of female bodies more than anything else

c) we are so accustomed to seeing unis that we see the girl first. everyone else will see the uni first

can anyone counter these arguments? Despite what you may think, I am pretty hard core pro-feminist. i just think unicycling is more important than women :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding

I’ve met Jack and he is definetly a cool guy. I hung out alot with him at unicon.


No one else will see the uni first…

The universal slogan for the advertising industry isn’t “Unis sell”.

so tell me about jack…

Wont be long now

Check is in the mail! Cant wait to get my shirt:D Thanks for the kick ass designs Darren! I look forward to see what else you come up with.


What do you mean by this one? The girl is not real, but neither are the girls you see in Playboy, Vogue, or in any American movie (with the exception of a very small percentage, like My Big Fat Greek Wedding.) That still perpetuates sexism. It invites the male gaze, and objectifies the woman. She is not human, she is a unicycle ornament. It doesn’t matter if it’s a photograph or a drawing; either way, the message is the same. Of course she isn’t real. No one lets women be real, and I would hate to see this mentality enter into the Unicycling consciousness.
I don’t know how you could call yourself a hardcore pro-feminist and approve of such trash.
I’m sorry if I offended anyone but I don’t apologize; I have seen too much damage done in this world because of the propagation of this objectification mentality.
(I know I am going to get backlash for my views. All I can say is, bring it on…)

the one kewl thing about this forum is that u very seldom have someone explode on your arse
different opinins are aired, discussed, vehemently opposed, but allways respected
there may be a wave of dissenting opinions, but i doubt if there’ll be much of a ‘lash’

the ‘the-girl-isn’t-real-so-it-isn’t-as-bad-as-u-think’ argument doesn’t fly
if i draw a racist cartoon, is that allright?