Two awesome new unicycle T-shirts

He did the Seattle to Portland bike ride on a Coker.
Jack Hughes riding the STP

Looks like Jack finally got his shirt (see the above linked thread).

Personally, I think people should be allowed to wear what they want with in a limit. This shirt falls well within that limit. In fact, I quite like the shirt, but not enough to buy one.

I just find it interesting that this forum is largely male dominated, and we are having this discussion. I would like to hear some of the opinions of the ladies of RSU.


Mmmkay, im a lil confused here. So you are saying that “real” women are fat and ugly? “No one lets women be real” what are you talking about dude? So if a women is healthy and takes good care of herself and stays in good shape and looks good, then she is “fake”? Please explain yourself in greater detail because from what it sounds like, you are the sexist one…

if u do, however, notice the uni first, u know u’re in the right sport


i just figured what really bugs me about the ‘girl-on-trails(!)-uni’ pic

she’s not wearing any protection

You serious about wearing those out in public? Both of them are dreadful. One is sexist the other is stupid.

Don’t unicyclist get enough stick without the need to look more like weirdo’s than they do already?

Those shirts assist in the weirdo affect. Another thing - If you saw the uni before the girl, you need help.

Willing to take the flak it’s only an opinion.


Dave, she’s hardly wearing ANYTHING! How many times did you have to force yourself to look at the picture before you noticed the lack of helmet, knee, elbow and wrist protection?

Might I suggest that, if you are thinking of buying the T-shirt in question, you try to barefoot wheel walk using just your perfectly manicured toes while wearing a thong?

Daniel , you asked for a female viewpoint, and here it is.

I have no problem whatsoever with attractive young women showing off their bodies. If you’ve got it, why shouldn’t you be allowed to flaunt it.

I do, however, have a problem with the media forcing their idea of the “ideal girl” down our throats. It goes from the gross ageism seen on TV and in movies to the rampant use of the female body (usually airbrushed to remove all imperfections) to sell just about anything. This reduces women to objects instead of individuals whose value is related to their appearance rather than to who they are inside. Far too many women suffer from depression, eating disorders, low self esteem, because they don’t measure up to what society tells them is the “norm”.

The proliferation of such stylised images just adds to the impact. It makes them more acceptable, it makes them more accessible, and it makes it easier for impressionable young people to be influenced into believing that such stereotypes are what we should all aspire to.


Personally I think it’s just good fun. If Darren put out a similar T-shirt with some “buff” guy on it with lots of muscles, then the females could buy that one. By now in my life, for sure, it wouldn’t offend me any more than KH riding his uni with no shirt or shoes. Any women to be attracted to me have to have more on their mind than just appearance, so I’m kind of indifferent to these things.

i was thinking more in terms of a diaph…dont worry about it


UM - you HAVE looked at the photos section, haven’t you? An image like that would be as unrelated to the reality of male unicyclists as “Foxy girl” is to women in general.


It’s a shirt people… :smiley:

I guess that’s my point. :sunglasses: There’s nothing to get riled up about – it’s just fun.

just redraw the picture and put the
Twin Towers on the front of her T-shirt and then sit back and watch this discussion take off


GILD going into hiding…

I saw the shirts at Darren’s place, I like the girl one as well, but not enough to wear it. I would like the rider in front of me to be wearing one though :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the style of artwork used, I’m just not (like the previous poster) a sexy lady on a shirt type of guy. I also don’t have mud flaps with mirror ladies on them…I think Spyder does though.

This design would make for an ideal poster in your unicycle garage though, without a doubt!

The stylistic drawing of the MUni by itself would make for a great design, showing passers-by the non circus unicycle.

Oh, and thanks for the sig, Paco :slight_smile:

Thank you Jayne. As usual, someone else is able to express what I mean, since I generally fail.

Thank you, Xtremeskier. You illustrated my point perfectly. If you are specifically refering to the protaganist in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, for your information she is not fat nor ugly. She is actually very normal. The problem is that we never see women like that in the media. They don’t sell. Men are allowed to be plain looking, women are not. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is a general rule.
What role models to women have to look up to? To be desireable, you need to be malnourished, have a non-functional body (did you know that some of the “fittest” athlete women stop having their periods because their bodies are in a state of shock?), and wear impractical clothing. If guys wanted a male role model to emulate as far as looks go, that would be the equivalent of desiring a body like Ghandi’s.

Oh, and Sofa, you’re welcome. :wink:

(BTW, this is the backlash I was talking about. It’s not hateful, but I knew most people would disagree with me."

no it isn’t

When I read the post I thought, cool - I can buy a Muni shirt for my daughter (you see where this is going). I’ll pass; I’d rather have her wear a picture of a girl riding a unicycle than posed on one.

There’s no problem with the girl being pretty - it’s that there’s nothing else to her. She’s a pin-up. I think the mudflaps are a pretty good analogue.

Show me a T-shirt with the same girl - even wearing the same T-shirt - but riding the uni and wearing shorts, helmet, pads, mud and a big smile, and you’ve got something!


Is it too obvious to suggest that if someone doesn’t care for the uni-girl T-shirt, they not buy one?

Tim’s got a good idea! How about it, Darren? Any chance your artist friend could make this modification?

BTW, I bought one of the infamous shirts, but then I’m so old nobody’s going to take it seriously - there’s “ageism” for ya!


I mean she is a cartoon, not a person. When I first saw the shirt I was somewhat horrified. The reason I approve of it is because it seems to satarize the use of a model in sports ads. no nonunicyclist would see it and not think it was funny. its like a hotrod magazine with a scantily-clad blonde sitting on the hood except this is a girl on a unicycle. while other ads seriously try to sell the car, skateboard, etc with the girl’s body, this is not trying to do any such thing. no one will see it and say, “damn, if i rode a unicycle like that id be sure to get a girl like that.” a hotrod analogy would yield the opposite result.

in literature you will often see feminism in the form of sexist satire. in flaubert’s madam bovary, the protagonist attempts to sell her body in order to pay back loans. at first glance this is perpetuating sexism, but if it is correctly analyzed, one will see that flaubert is actually in a favor of feminism and is showing that at the time, the only way for a woman to have power over a man is by sex. in “hedda gabbler” by ibsen, the protagonist kills herself to prevent punishment and embarrassment for a past mistake. the fact that her only option to protect her own honor is through suicide shows us that women lack the power of men and something must be done. the examples are endless. in camus’ “the stranger,” the protagonist kills an arab out of ignorance or racism. camus is showing how racism was ingrained in the minds of people in that society. he is not supporting racism, even though his character readily believes in it. he expexts people to realize this is wrong and realize it is a huge problem.

i am probably thinking way too much into this but the t-shirt is a similar example. it says, “sports too often use sexism to sell and see, it looks silly when applied to unicycling.”

go to

this website is not perpetuating racism, it is doing the opposite. it does this through reverse psychology. a common mistake made by feminists and other similar groups is to get upset at every picture or portrayal of a woman in a negative manner. the problem is that many of these pictures/portrayals are satirical. the t-shirt does not promote sexism, it shows how silly sexism really is.

paco- dont think that i didnt carefully think about this before i ame up with my decision. i first ran the picture by people in my dorm to see their responses. these are ordinary, dumb americans. the picture got the following responses, “haha, a unicycle!” “that’s hilarious, a hotrod babe on a unicycle!” and other such similar responses where the emphasis was always on the uni, but not always on the girl. i would feel perefectly comfortable wearing this shirt to my gender studies class. people would understand that this shirt must be looked at through a certain lens and that it amiguously promotes our cause.

dang, this was long.


Hey, now you all know why fewer women unicycle: the wedgies are HELL!


I see muniracer’s (well-defined) point, but I just don’t buy that the majority of people will see the design ironically. Most folks will see a hot chick on a unicycle.

I think shorts would have made a world of difference to my perception of the shirt. I’m no prude and I am happy to have both sexes parade naked all over if people so desire, but I’m just kind of disappointed that a girl has got to be in her underoos to make a funky shirt.

A lot of other alt-sports go for this borderline T&A approach to artisically rendering females (e.g., shortboard, bmx), instead of displaying girls as serious atheletes. Maybe it makes trials look legit, quasi-distinguishing it from the “wholesome” circus arts history, but is buying into a bad scheme a good thing? I’m not hugely impressed, but then…I’m not the target audience, am I?

An interesting moment in the style-branding of unicycling…

Enjoy your shirts.