TWNR....want it for Xmas?

I’ll take one.

Just promise you won’t send it via Harper (inside joke).

I’m in, let me know when to send the $$$. Paypal is fine with me.



I want one!
See you on the weekend.

Thanks everyone for your pledged support, although there was not enough to make the xmas deadline.

This is a good thing.

Now that I am not constrained by a timeline, I am able to make a much better product by the time I can get it out, early Feb.

Thanks again, but it’ll be even better and much more complete than I was originally anticipating

some empty stockings:(
but hopefully i’ll now be able to get one as well
as soon as u’re able to process plastic payment?
any idea of cost of shipping to the sunny RSA?
(republic of south africa, sigh)
i’ll check with jayne, she might be going over there again sometime then-ish, she might be able to bring them back

Maybe Gary of will be interested in buying a few copies. I’ll ask him closer to the release date.



can’t ya post a photo of that freewheeling uni?
or tell me where you bought it?

mfg sebbe w.

sorry, i must have missed your post

the freewheeling one is not mine, I have no pics of it.

you can ask SWAT, they are the ones who built it (and own it)
uniracer was the one who could ride it

Gild…Jeff recently posted about shipping worldwide being pretty cheap

A_C…thanks for that

I would like to take this opportunity to thank A_C for picking up on a few things from what I have sent him, and making this even better. It’s neat what a drumming unicyclist will pick up on that a non-drummer did not!

No worries, but you’re not making it very easy for me. There’s very little to pick up on or suggest.

Take it from me people, this is definately one to add to the collection. A different approach to unicycling movies which personally I prefer. Amazing stuff.

If you want, I can take some pictures and some video of me riding it (I learned how, so Kyle and I are the only people I know of that can ride it) and post them in the SWAT gallery.

Just check the gallery link in my signature today or tommorow.

ahem and its called “the coaster uni.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone who has downloaded the trailer put it on a faster connection? I can’t even download the whole thing.

that video was ok…but id rather pay $20 for u2 or spaced out


Brian I cant wait to see the finished product. Its totally going to be the best unicycle video.

Hey, I can kinda ride it. I do freemount it awesomelly.

Assuming that somewhere in the full-length DVD there is footage of you actually cleaning the rope-swing thing, I’m in. When that scene started in the trailer I was yelling “No f*_/%ing way!”, then was quickly proved correct :). Great concept…

now that i have 95% of my footage done up, I will be able to put out a much cooler trailer, the more I edit the scenes, the less I am happy with that trailer. (I hastened to put one up as job hunting season was upon me)

The rope stunt gets completed. Not by me, and not on the UW36. My last attempt is shown in the video, I thought I may have broken my nose when that Knot hit me in the face (the reason that attempt was unsuccessful)

Note: I am going to film the band at a live show in Toronto tonight to be added to the special features.

They are playing at 9:00 at the Elmocombo which is on spadina/college st.

just take the spadina exit the bar is on your left.



thx for the photos.
where can i get one of these hubs?
or if have build it for your own - how did ya?

mfg sebbe w.

We made the unicycle out of a hardcore trike we found in the trash. It was majorly hardcore so it had a pnuematic tire and a freewheel. So we just took the wheel and fork off and welded a seatpost onto the fork.