uni ropeswinging?

does anyone have comments unicycling into rope and swinging off the unicycle?
or off a ramp into rope?
or into rope and swing out and let go to fall into lake
or having someone hold a giraffe uni swinging onto it
or swinging off a uni and on the swing back going onto giraffe
just some random suggestions u can do with a rope and a uni
and who might have already done some that has tips

never heard of it :thinking:

i have done this many times!! I have a “tree house” behind by house with a rop swing. I ride alond and grab the rope with my 2 hands and sqeeze the uni with my knees/legs. The hard part is swinging back and keeping on riding.

I think it would be close to immposible to swing on the rope and let go when you get to the end of the rope and drop of the end and ride. i oculd be wrong about this but it is really hard.

Maybe ill put me doing that in a vid when i get my camera.

uni video

thats sweet
do u just ride into the rope hanging down or is it swinging toward u when u start?
i have a big rope swing in my backyard but i cant try it right now because theres a ton of snow
we also have a tramp and i wanna try doin some stuff on that too

i just ride into the rope and hang on! when i make a vid i will put that in there.

I would love to do some tricks on a tramp I wonder if he would just lie there and take it or would he get up and protest about being ridden on by some punk on one wheel.
Man that would make a good vid

I was doing some trials near a swing set when I discovered the cross-over move between uni and swinging. I rode backwards into the swing and landed in the swing’s seat, feet still on the pedals and butt still on the uni seat. Riding backwards into the swing moved it back such that when I lifted the wheel off the ground, I began to swing, uni and all.

Getting off the swing, well, that’s a different story :stuck_out_tongue:

did u try it on purpose or was it an accident?

i should try riding into a swing and jumping off the uni onto the swing, but it probably wouldnt work cuz all my momentum would be down and not forward.

Follow this link to Brian MacKenzie’s post about the making of his Unimovie which featured a rope-swinging mount of a 36" Ultimate Wheel.

The link in his sig will take you to the movie site and a downloadable trailer.

sweet, thanks