TWNR....want it for Xmas?

Hey everyone, I have a proposition for you

The latest in Unicycling DVD’s, completely unique from anything released so far, ‘Training Wheel Not Required’, will be completed by end Oct.

Due to financial constraints, I will not be able to release it until early Feb…unless…

If I can pre-sell 100 copies, I will be able to afford a begininning of December release, in order to be shipped and recieved by Christmas.

The cost will be $18us, or $23can (your choice, currency will fluctuate) (plus shipping) with an optional $5can ($4us) donation to the London Unicycling Club. (to be used for spare uni’s, club t-shirts and equipment, winter gym rental, local public unicycle awarenss, etc…)

If you are in a club, or otherwise affiliated Unicycle Associaction, I will be offering wholesale prices on bulk orders (to be handled on a one-on-one basis)

Please reply here, or email me, if you are interested in pre-ordering a copy, (money will be refunded 100% in the highly unlikely event something will prevent it’s release)

I will be accepting Paypal and Money Orders currently, to be expanded into Credit Card orders by roughly January.

This DVD will have a 30+ min main feature, and special features of 20+ mins. This will be a completely professional product, not just a ‘homemade unicycling DVD’

I have previewed the material I have so far to many people who not only enjoyed the riding, the music, and the entire experience, but who were also looking for more than ‘unicycle porn’, and are completely satisfied in that respect.

I am working with a local band, ‘Grassy Knoll and the Magic Bullit’ who has just released a CD and may very well be the bench mark of what a uni DVD soundtrack should be.

This movie is created for Unicycle Riders, by a Unicycle Rider who knows what he has been hoping to see in DVD’s and has not yet been able to…until now.

You won’t be dissapointed!

Please view trailer #2

If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy, please post here or email your intent. Once I reach 100 requests, I will then post the go-ahead to send funds (with order info)

My European, and other across the pond friends will enjoy a slightly reduced cost in order to adjust for the shipping (bulk orders only)

Those who pre-order their copies will be entered in a draw for 1 of 10 free DVD’s (winners will get the DVD they ordered for free)

Thank you for your support, I know you will find this a must have DVD for your collection!

View Trailer Here!

Brian MacKenzie

Re: TWNR…want it for Xmas?

Nice try to sneak that in there… donations going to free merch for group members is a big no no. I’m surprised you even mentioned it.

On that note I will happly get a copy of your video the next time I’m up in the great white north, no reason to pay shipping rates when you can smuggle them across the boarder.

Re: Re: TWNR…want it for Xmas?

Donations will be put towards club expenses, ‘free merch’ is not the goal. The last set of jerseys cost me an arm and a leg of out of pocket expenses, all donations to the club will be going to the club, and are completely optional.

Smuggling across the border, however, is dirty business.

I’ll sign up. I’ll also recommend that more people do so.

Brian showed us a few of the segments at East Coast Muni Weekend. They were well edited and full of exciting riding. And it was stuff I could actually try! There were big moves, don’t get me wrong, but there was more of a vibe of watching unicyclists in action, not professional athletes. Hard to describe but a good thing.

What the heck is that he’s riding in the trailer where he pedals then stops pedalling and it freewheels???
That looks freaky awesome.

It’s a freewheeling uni that SWAT brought to the NY Muni Weekend…it is HARD!!!

Up to 10 pre-orders :smiley:

you know I’m in!:smiley:

Count me in.

We’ll take at least two

I’ll take one. A quick question. When do you want us to send the cashola. I can send the money now or later, whichever you prefer. Also when are tenative release dates(best and worst case scenarios). Oh Aaaaaand what is the cost of shipping. Will you be basing it off of location, or is there a set rate for Americans and Canuks.

You can email your address to me at: Catboy(at)gmail(dot)com


Put me down for one, please.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Thanks so far everyone, I am up to 19 already!

I emailed the dvd production guys, and their response to my question of when is the latest I can submit my project to them in order to have it shipped (to the end viewer) for christmas, he said the beginning of November…which will be no problem on my end. (I will be picking them up in Toronto, avoiding one

Please do not send me the money until I know I can get enough interest ($) to get it produced early, I will post when 100 copies have been pre-ordered (although knowing me, I’m sure once I get to 80 or so, that’ll be good enough for me!)

I will weigh a dvd as it will be sent, and be able to use online postal service forms to determine the cost based on destination.

I will be able to provide a rough estimate of shipping costs shortly

Woah, great stuff Brian! I’ll see if I have any left over cash from buying a new saddle…

Keep up the good stuff.

The trailer was THE BEST THING EVER.

However, small error in the beginning of the trailer Brian, our group name is “Single Wheeled Attack Team” not “Single Wheel Attack Team”

Really good music choice. I’ll have to pick up that album (along with your video :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ll take one too. Good music choise by the way.

EDIT: I’m in it, that means I to have get it.

Um…I thought you were getting a free copy because you are writing something for it?

Count me in as well, I suppose, for reasons previously cited by Tim.

And I agree with Nick V, the trailer WAS the best thing ever.

So…bulk discount?

The band has just released their new CD ‘She Woke Up In A Frantic’
(they have a few others out, but are not studio quality)

I can include the cd for $10can with your order if you want

Sorry for the SWAT mishap, I will change that very soon