TWNR US Release: Updated Info

the above listed list minus kyle the traitor

Cool new idea!

Attendees (riders and spectators) will recieve a limited edition (limited to the number of attendees) DVD. (turn around time for DVD about 2 weeks + shipping)

This DVD will contain footage we get from the weekend’s event, done up all professional like.

Originally posted by Brian MacKenzie
[B]Brian MacKenzie ®
Leeanne MacKenzie (S)
Dave Lowell ®
Andrew (HCR…why can’t I picture Andrew’s last name? ®
Peter Sanford ®
Allison Sanford (S)
Tim Braun ®
Nick Vadala ®
Jim Vadala ®
Earl Vadala (S)
Joshua Torrans ®
Richard Aschenbrenner ®
Wolfgang Hennerbichler ® (coming from Motorama)
Frank Brown ® (coming from Motorama)

----------------------------(ends the $15 people)

Before I reserve another hotel room: Does anyone have available space for Wogri and I? We will be staying Saturday night only.

yes there is room for 2 just pm me for details

Frank, I live about 2 hrs out of Cleveland If you guys are just looking for a free place to crash your more than welcome here. Shoot me an IM sometime…


Frank & Checkernuts,

I’d like to talk to you guys about hotel room sharing, carpooling, living room floor crashing, and all around cleveland enjoying activities. I have no contact information. Do you guys use PM?

You can get me at nbrazzi at yahoo dot com

Hi Nick, are you (and your projector) coming for sure?

Hope to see you then

I see what its like…you don’t even want to see me, just the PJ :smiley:

It looks very likely that I"m coming, I just have to make sure I can get out of work on sunday. You need to know for sure by the end of January, right?

I would love to meet you, and hope that you can come. I do however need to reserve a projector if you cannot bring yours.

Actually, I may as well just go ahead and rent it, and not have you bother packing it up and taking it. (And I’m renting the screen anyways)

So thanks for the offer, really appreaciated, but don’t worry about it. But I hope you can still come.

You know I’m joking… Really, its definitely no problem for me to bring the projector. But, if its a situation where you have to reserve the rentals ahead of time and you have to know for sure before friday, then I would say its safer for you to go ahead and reserve the rental projector.

But, if you can wait til friday for when I’ll know for sure if I can make it, then its really no problem for me to bring it.

I hope I see you guys there too. I won’t present much of a challenge, but I hope to give that Hardcore Coker fella another cokerist to go up against.

Yes, I knew you were joking, but reading what you wrote made me think about me needing a confirmed projector (and I need to get a screen anyways)

But thanks, I will definetely wait till friday then, as it’s no trouble. (I figured it might be a pain in the butt)

I can’t speak for everyone else with a Coker, but I am happy to let anyone ride mine at the party.

Are there any other Cokeurs coming?
Andrew (HCR)
Dave (Lowell)
Peter (Spyder)
Nick (Nbrazzi) *potentially

If you haven’t seen the latest message I posted under my “Rolling Trials” thread ( … Dave Lowell and Jeff Prosa came back from Rays and reported that Jeff was able to complete a very impressive, wide array of obstacles and Sections… and had a great time doing it… thus proving the viability of the sport for the smaller wheel-size classes.

I intend to organize the first Rolling Trials competition at Rays on the 19th… so I’d love to know:

  1. When are you arriving?
  2. When do you anticipate you’ll be at Rays once you arrive (you’ll probably want to rest after driving if you’re arriving that day)?
  3. What size uni’s will you be riding? Let me know all sizes if you’re bringing more than one?
  4. Would you like to participate in the 1st Annual HCR Invitational Rolling Trials competition? If so… in which classes (24"/26", 28"/29", or 36")

I’ll be at Rays on Friday to plan out the Sections for each class and write up handouts that I’ll duplicate and give out to all the competitors. Although I’d like to participate, I’m not sure that it would be fair for me to be allowed to be the winner (if I even win, that is) since I have already had practice on the course (and nobody else has, except Dave Lowell).

If any decent 24"/26" and/or 28"/29" riders are arriving on Friday and can help me plan out the Sections for the smaller wheel classes, that would be awesome!

I can’t wait to meet and ride with everyone!!!

Alright, I’m in.

I’ll be trying the new rolling trials concept on both Coker and a 26". So, feel free to mark me down for that.

me : coker, 24" gazz, uw36
peter: coker, 24" fireball
richard : 24" gazz

Count me in for 24" gazz.

Would my 24" Hookworm be of any benefit?

I would think that 2 24’s would be close enough that you don’t want to clutter my damn car up any more

Sorry, I was thinking either one or the other, not both. But since I called shot gun, I’ll be in the front…

Is the Jan 30 deadline just for the $15.00 people or for all riders? If it’s not too late, I think I can make it. In case I find a co-pilot for the ride, is there a cost for spectators for the party?

I’ll be bringing my 24" and coker.