Twisted Plastic?

Are the Odyssey Twisted plastic pedals a lot better then the plastic dx pedals? Cause I have plastic dxs right now and was wondering if the twisteds have a lot more grip?


Im just about to order a pair of odyssey twisted pc pedals (tomorrow evening) so I cant answer your question now but I will be able to in a few days hopfuly.

Yes the twisted plastics have much more grip. Going from the DX style pedal you might feel the twisteds have too much grip, but you will get use to them and most likly like them a whole lot more. They are also wider(more to stand on).

I wouldnt say they are better, they both ride very differently.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think that the change in grip will be very hard for me cause before I put on the dx plastic pedals I was using dx metal pedals. I switched cause I ripped up the back of my leg multiple times with the metal ones. But I don’t like the lack of grip on the plastic dx. Thus why I want to get twisteds.

just get some KH leg protection. they hve a section on the back to protect from just that.

The Twisted PCs are my favorite all around pedal. I say go for it.

really? i havent elly liked them. i havent ever tried them but i just dont like the way they look…

who cares how they look? i think most people are talking about performance, not looks here. dont be an “all show, no go” go by what is functional, not nice looking.

i know but if it doesnt loook good. it doesnt catch my eye.

That is absolutely ridiculous. I have nothing else to say to that.

i know. im kinda wierd that way.

Do the 661 leg protection have that also?


no. you really can’t call it protection at all.

the 661s have fabric on the back of the leg. Whilst its not as bad as bare skin it really aint much better…

btw marcus what you gonna do with your new metal pedals?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have just ordered a pair but they say there out of stock and probably wont have them in for weeks. Does anyone know were I can get a pair in the UK?

I will proably only use my plastics for street, depending on how grippy they are. I think I will probly end up sticking with my metal pedals untill its dry again or I get a chance to go to a skate park. Just thought some good plastics would be nice.

The word “good” and plastic pedals in the same sentence seems like an oxymoron to me. Metal pedals are the only way to go. Remember chicks dig scars!:wink: :wink:

I recently swapped back to the pedals that came on my Unicycle, the metal Wellgo’s with awesome grip.

I had Jim C’s with long pins on the outside edge.

I can say that, on the bike, Jim C’s are much nicer.

On the Unicycle, they’re not grippy enough and are just bulky.

I have grown to like the pedals that come with the DX now.

I wrote this because I hate plastic pedals, they feel very flexy to me.

I think that’s called ignorance.

I have a friend like this who won’t ride disc brakes on his bike because he just doesn’t like them.

He tries to make excuses like “Too much maintenance” to which I reply “They’re less maintenance, you don’t have to keep your wheel true to get modulation, and no hassle with springs”.

I then get back “Well, I just don’t like the feel of them”.

Then I just laugh, because he likes the feel of inconsistent braking.

I have what I think are the most meaty grippyeist and agressive pedals that have sealed berrings lots of removeable pins and are quite a bit lighter than snafus. I realy like them, they are plenty grippy enough even in the rain with ungrippy, smooth soled shoes. When riding trials I dont think they can be beaten. I am looking to buy some odyessy twisted pc pedals for when I ride street, when im learning new tricks and when im grinding down at the skatepark. At the moment my pads are getting shredded, the back of my lags are getting scraped and I cant be bothered to remove my pins to grind. Basicly I want some good plastics, I know there never going to be as grippy or as strong but I dont care.

So does anyone know were I can buy a pair in the UK?