Twisted Plastic?

I’m tryin to figure out if this is a joke, ignorance or stupidity…

Though it has saved the back of my legs tons of time. The fabric on them is ripped up horribly, and if I didnt have those on, I would have tons of 1-4inch scars on the back of my legs.

Notice that I am going to thread jack my own thread.

I would like to get into more street style riding. What would be the best way to do that? I currently have a nimbus trials isis with kh cranks. I am going to be buying twisted pc pedals.
I am a major noob, I can hop up curbs, thats just about it. Is there certain stuff I can/should practice if I want to do more street style riding? What is some basic stuff that I can practice to get me moving in the right direction?
I might just start a new thread if I don’t get much help.


Start learning to rolling hop. Learn jump mounts, 180 unispins, 1 foot riding, stuff like that…

Are rolling hops usually done si or sif? Cause to do most of that stuff you have to be able to ride/hop sif.


For more height and distance, you go SI, but for a lot of streat stuff, most people are SIF.

Are you sure…For Height I go SIF, for distance SI, oh wait are we talking about rolling hops, because I have never tried SIF rolling hops…

Yeah. I was talkinga bout rolling hops.

I know a few people can rolling hop SIF pretty high, but so far, they arent getting near rolling hopping SI.