TV Comedy Unicycling Routine

Here’s a short clip of a TV performance I did over 20 years ago, as Frank Spencer Junior.
Hope it brings a smile.


Love it!

Awesome, I’d be so worried about hurting the bystanders doing that

That’s a great performance, you captured the spirit of Frank perfectly

HaHa, it did. especially the seat!

That was great - thank you.

Great clip! Funny character. Was there any rehearsal with your two volunteers? It would seem pretty sketchy to do all that without them being prepared for the “mauling”. :slight_smile:

And my guess would be that David Mariner actually made the unicycle, but I could be wrong…

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Hi John,

Thanks for your remarks. Yes, we had a short rehearsal before filming but only to show the volunteers how to hold the unicycle. I explained that I might lean on them a bit during the actual recording, so they were only slightly prepared for what was to come!

And yes, David Mariner did indeed make the unicycle. Our circus school was supplied with unicycles mainly from DM Engineering (a few by Pashley) and I was lucky enough to train on and then buy three DM’s of my own.

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Hi lobbybopster!

Yes, it WAS a funny seat! It was the standard “T-saddle” that came with all unicycles from DM Engineering unless you opted for the deluxe contoured version instead. I have both saddles but actually preferred the funny one as it felt more comfy to me and looked more comical. Regards, James

I still have my DM Ringmaster and love it, it’s bomb-proof.