Anyone interested in more tutorials?

I’m interested in which would be good to film. Keep in mind my ability does not include 9 spins and more of the complex side moves. I’m not riding that much this summer due to scheduling but i’m willing to film tricks to help. Is there a large skill gap where almost no one nowadays actually wants to learn flips tricks to already knows them? Is the sport generally growing, or is it pretty static? Thanks for your guys’ time.

-Shaun Johanneson

I’m new to the sport, 2.5 months. I’ll take any tutorials I can get. Start simple and work up. There’s plenty on how to mount and how to start to ride on youtube. Specific tricks beyond that are slim picking. A video on leg wraps would be nice, but whatever you want to film would be a great help. It would be useful to know what skills are prerequisites for some tricks, for example if it requires one to be good at idling, hopping, or riding backwards for instance. Maybe a progression from side mount to single/double/triple leg wrap.

I want to learn the kick-up mount, but think its going to be hard on my 24".

The other problem is I don’t even know what tricks are out there to try, so seeing them is great.


The “Out The Game” threads are great for this.

doubleback toturial would be cool

I think the sport is growing a little bit :wink:
a lot of good people from a while ago stopped, but there came new people instead and I think more, but I’m not sure…:stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to have a (flip)underflip tutorial :stuck_out_tongue: but I don’t think you can do it…(?) :slight_smile:
Or thinks like varialflips, fifthflips,… :stuck_out_tongue:
chose a trick were you think you can give a lot of tips for ^^ Every tutorial is nice for someone… :smiley:


(Real) Street unicycling is still growing. People are going bigger with tricks and handrails. Some new crazy tech flips have been landed (treysidequadflip), and people are flipping into rails. Krisz did one into a real handrail.

edit: Also a lot of people seem to be doing more tech grinds as I saw in the Sinco EUC Winter 2010 video that just came out.

For a tutorial. I think it would be nice to have a 360 lateflip one. Few people are doing this trick and most of the time only on flat ground. When i used to try I could only get 180 degrees where I am jumping, never anymore.

you should do a treyflip tutorial.

I can get the unispin just fine and the rotation of the cranks to but it always gets away from me. I think that it would be good to make a video of this because there are prolly lots of methods of doing it and it can easily be explained.

But yeah i quit two years ago and i can tell how much the sport has grown, its getting really techy but there are still few ppl that will throw the technical tricks into actual street riding

Hickdoubble, treydoubble, treyside, rail, sidecoast, backrollflip 180… I would appreciate anything :slight_smile:

I’m curious but is it necessary for a tutorial that is just a faster version of a lesser trick. Ex. Hick flip, trey flipand all the doubles an what not. Just an opinion but I think a combination video of say a hick and a Trey flip. Alot of people will benifit from the the hick part of it and then the people who are having trouble with the Trey can use it to. That’s just my 2 cents though =)

do we have to pay for them?

Lol Justin XD

Maybe a tut for catching flips, flips, hicks, treys, backs. Be good for people that don’t already know, raise the general style of peoples riding.

Or maybe how to gap with late tricks, something like that. Maybe a true lateflip tut, lots of people throw lateflips but they’re barely true lateflips.

As XyphotaXyphota said, it would be nice to have a line of tricks like 180, 360, 540, 720, 900. Or hick, trey, fifth, sei. That would be good for everyone.

I reckon one for grinding! that would be RAD! :smiley: (unless there is one already)

Yeah, except most of the videos are removed after the initial game. I tried going back through some. All I found were alien terms and very few videos to show what they meant much less break them down into parts.

I’d like a grinding tutorial, focusing not only on the normal grind, but also variations of it like seatdrop- and hopscotch grind (I think that’s what bmxers call it), doing tricks like flips into and out from it and tips to make scary grinds less scary, like ones first real handrail grind (I found mine really scary!!)

I’d also like a tutorial to look at boring obstacles with creative eyes, so they suddenly become a lot of fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like what might be most useful is a progression video. People are asking for tricks at all different levels, or how to combine tricks. Why not start simple, with a gap or a drop, then start building on it…

A gap,
then a gap with a 180,
then a gap with a 180 + spin,
then a gap with a 180 + flip,
then a gap with a 180 + flippyspinnywhatever

Get the drift?

Such a video would help people at all levels… those who just want to learn the first trick, and those who want to take their tricks to the next level.

Thanks for the offer… look forward to seeing your vids!

Hey hey… thats a good one. I might throw something together at some stage.

This may sound dumb, but I think a commitment tutorial would be great. Such as how you make yourself go for tricks down sets, high roll hops, or grinds. Nearly all tricks are just practice, but committing is like a special skill all of its own.

when you say teach commitment thats a thing thats in your head really, if you could teach someone that then you are one amazing teacher.

Yeah I know, I think it would help me though (and probably others) to know what Shaun does to go for something. I have some little things I do but they are potentially very dangerous on bigger stuff…